writers lab09 showcase event

July 24, 2009

the event went well yesterday. all the pieces were strong. A comment from the floor during the q & a afterwards remarked on the ‘strong sense of place’ for each of the diverse pieces and I agree with that comment. The actors were uniformly well cast and delivered strong performances, the Directors staged the pieces well and the writing was strong so all in all a good event.

This was the first time the pieces have been performed and after only one day of rehearsals it was amazing to see how immediately strong they all were.

There is a spot in decibel09 to showcase some of the pieces and then again in October during the momentum festival organised by twp.

Hopefully some/all will get commissions from this process. Not necessarily with the writers lab 09 piece but through developing relationships that might be formed with the producers, companies who attend the showcase events. We had audience members from afar yesterday so lets hope these can be developed.

Special thanks to Ben, Imogen, Andre and Ivan for all their hard work on Boat Gypsies over the two days. Reflecting on the proces for me before thinking about the next stage of this project.


Boat Gypsies-Research trip

June 4, 2009

Had a really useful trip on a canal boat today. Many thanks to danny kaye my pilot and boat owner. I was mainly trying to sort out how to make the boat sink but have now confirmed my decision to just have a leak. This is much more plausible and realistic.

Riding on the boat was great, I have seen plan views but the actual experience of travelling in one and also speaking to someone knowledgeable coupled with the sights and sounds left me feeling this was a really useful trip.

Boat Gypsies- ActOneDraft1

May 19, 2009

Uploading draft One of Act One for your perusal if interested.

This will be changing quite alot based on the interim Writers’ Lab 09 session that took place last week at New Perspectives.I will hopefully post the final draft, contractual agreements allowing so an opportunity for direct comparison may be available.

A few notes on the way I write that may inform you when you read this draft

1- I tend to write first and then research later so there are a number of technical details that I have no idea about present in this draft, some of which are:

A) how a barge might sink or more importantly protect itself from sinking after a collision I know nothing about yet

B) The use of periodic tables is incorrect and in the latest draft I have amended that

2- I tend to write on average three pages a night. I always start by re-reading and editing the last few pages. This leads to draft that are quite tight but I still change radically and have yet to be so wedded to a line that I am not up for changing it. This is despite each line probably being re-considered and re-written many, many times over the gestation of the writing of the script.  This style of wriitng also means that I get quite random about what is a draft and what is a revision of a draft. If it changes quite radically then I call it a new draft, otherwise I call it revisions for a while until revision number three of four make me call it a new draft as these incremental revisions had actually led to quite substantial change.

You can read the Boat Gypsies_interim by clicking on the link. You may then need to click on the ‘Boat Gypsies Interim’ link again just above the comments box. It is a pdf file. You should then be able to download and save it.

Feel free to comment if you wish. I’m currently working on the second half and also doing some research now.

Boat Gypsies-Rural Touring Project

May 15, 2009

Had the interim meeting day yesterday for the writers’ Lab 09 project. Five writers, myself included have been selected to develop an idea suitable for rural touring venues. There will be a rehearsed reading of extracts from each play presented on 23rd July  to rural touring producers so we are all working towards that.

Yesterday involved discussion of each project and then feedback from all involved, writers and artist director’s /company managers.

really useful day and some good notes to take forward for my project. The writing process was very different for all of us so that was good to see.

the next major step for me is to start doing some technical research on canal boats and some serious character biog work.

Deadline for casting is end of June, deadline for extract draft is mid-july. I have a very busy next two/three months with three projects on the go and potentially a short film drama also to add to that and a trip to Brisbane, Oz for a week to fit in!!

Boat Gypsies-Rural Touring Project

May 8, 2009

Sent my interim draft off this morning in preparation for the Writers Lab09 interim meeting next week.

This is part of the notes I added for the readers:

“The play is about the idea that you have to kill your  parents a little in order to progress. They know this and we know this. The play takes the position that this ‘death’ is one of life’s essential points. We are not our parents, at least not when we are young, and they and we must act to make this apparent, to them and to us”

The draft takes us to the interval (which I am actually undecided about having).

Next week Tyrone Huggins, Leah Chillery, myself and Segun Lee French are there as writers with Kate Chapman (TWP), Ivan Cutting (Eastern Angles) and Daniel Buckroyd (New Perspectives).

The other crucial element to understanding the draft is:

” running from parents, authority and in that running they are growing, creating new self-identities as young adults. For the first time, not identities framed through their parents”

The idea is we discuss whatever each writer has produced up until this point (scripts, notes, research, etc) and see what happens as regards feedback and where each writer wants to take it in preparation for readings based on full drafts,  July 23rd.

incidentally I posted a few days ago about each the eastern angles and new perspectives companies’ current touring shows. Click on the link to see tour schedules. Both shows well worth seeing in you are in the vicinities.

rural touring project- interim deadline

April 24, 2009

Interim stage meeting to discuss Boat Gypsies project on 18th May. So imagine i’ll have to get draft done by the end of the first week in May. Giving twp a few days to circulate.

Might just make it. I dont HAVE to get one done, this is simply a ‘where are you at, lets have a look at the pages and then discuss it’ meeting  but I like to get a draft out so I can get a sense of what I am doing and then move on from there.  It is also really important for me to get this feedback so I can see how many of the ideas I am exploring are hitting home for the reader, to hear new suggestions and to buy myself some thinking not writing time before embarking on the next draft.

This draft is surprising me even though I’ve written a treatment but think I will struggle at the moment to sustain the story as the driver I have is a little weak and unsustainable.

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