The Town & Versimilitude

September 24, 2010

Went to see The Town today. It’s an adaptation of ‘Prince of Thieves’ by Chuck Hogan. The Town is Directed and co-written by Ben Affleck. It’s basically a Golden Fleece movie (see Blake Synder’s genre descriptions) hidden inside a heist movie. What struck me was the language of the script. There were lots of moments where I had no idea what the characters were saying. It created a very good atmosphere and was good for characterisation and relationships between characters but I was struck by how script readers might fight to get rid of it as it created a distancing affect.
I think there has always been a pleasure in unpicking the ‘procedural’ language of drama with shows like C.S.I. making good use of this but one-off dramas like films and theatres always have this as a challenge.
Go see it if you get the chance and/or read the book. The print I saw was terrible with a muddy sound projection which didn’t help.

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More Images of Fela Kuti’s Wives

February 3, 2010

Urban Images have a number of Images of Fela Kuti wives. Check the images out here and Urban Images home page here

Alot of them I’ve seen before but some still new to me. The colour images work really well for me in terms of representing a time and a place. I also like the detail of rugs and food, etc. Just day to day living. This type of stuff will be fantastic for any eventual production. Can I use the word versimilitude? I think I may just go for it with no spell check.

I am incidentally into the final third of the new draft of Five Wives of Fela Kuti.

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