Making Tracks

June 9, 2012

Went To Making Tracks, Theatre Writing Partnership (twp)’s last event last night.
It encapsulated everything about what was good about twp. 7 theatre-makers (including one company) received a little bit of funding to go on a journey.
It was funded as a speculative, research with a small, light touch ‘r’ to see what might develop creatively from the journeys using the impetus for the journey as a guide.
It was brilliant to hear the results as the theatremakers presented them on the main stage of the Playhouse.
The event also acted as a celebration and a distillation of why twp was important and significant for the region. I was sat next to Tyron Huggins, just returned from touring The Honey Man. That production sprung from a twp initiative in 2009.
So although twp closes in three weeks time, the physic trails, connections and spirit of Making Tracks and indeed twp will long continue, in for and of the region and in, for and of internationally.
Congratulations to all those involved in twp’s journey over these last 11 years.


Palm Wine and Stout

October 7, 2010

Segun Lee French rural touring play Palm Wine and Stout, a Eastern Angles show opens tonight. Catch Segun’s BBC Radio4 interview with Libby Purves here while it’s still on the iPlayer this week.

Tour dates for the show are here.

The show came out of a Theatre Writing Partnership initiative with the Eastern Angles and New Perspectives theatre companies. it tours for the next three weeks.

New perspectives will also be touring The Honey Man show. Written by tyrone huggins this is also a project developed through the rural touring initiative of a couple of years ago.

boat gypsies-readings

July 21, 2009

In rehearsal tomorrow for the reading of Boat Gypsies Thursday at Lakeside Theatre. Five projects have been developed as part of writers lab09. The writers are “The Cliffs” by Leah Chillery, “The Honey Man” by Tyrone Huggins, “Palm Wine and Stout” by Segun Lee French, “Today’s Lesssons” by Richard Rai O’Neill and “Boat Gypsies” by myself.

Two of the five are in rehearsal today, the rest tomorrow and thursday am. Then run through thursday morning and then showcase to rural touring producers artistic directors and the like 2pm thursday afternoon.

I’ll have to do some rewriting no doubt which is to be expected as this wil be the first time the script is on its feet and not simply on a page so looking forward to that. Ivan Cutting is directing my piece.

Looking forward to seeing the other pieces. The three that i’ve heard discussed during the development over the course of the year all sounded really interesting and the writers had a sense of where they would go so looking forward to that.

Boat Gypsies-Rural Touring Project

May 15, 2009

Had the interim meeting day yesterday for the writers’ Lab 09 project. Five writers, myself included have been selected to develop an idea suitable for rural touring venues. There will be a rehearsed reading of extracts from each play presented on 23rd July  to rural touring producers so we are all working towards that.

Yesterday involved discussion of each project and then feedback from all involved, writers and artist director’s /company managers.

really useful day and some good notes to take forward for my project. The writing process was very different for all of us so that was good to see.

the next major step for me is to start doing some technical research on canal boats and some serious character biog work.

Deadline for casting is end of June, deadline for extract draft is mid-july. I have a very busy next two/three months with three projects on the go and potentially a short film drama also to add to that and a trip to Brisbane, Oz for a week to fit in!!

Boat Gypsies-Rural Touring Project

May 8, 2009

Sent my interim draft off this morning in preparation for the Writers Lab09 interim meeting next week.

This is part of the notes I added for the readers:

“The play is about the idea that you have to kill your  parents a little in order to progress. They know this and we know this. The play takes the position that this ‘death’ is one of life’s essential points. We are not our parents, at least not when we are young, and they and we must act to make this apparent, to them and to us”

The draft takes us to the interval (which I am actually undecided about having).

Next week Tyrone Huggins, Leah Chillery, myself and Segun Lee French are there as writers with Kate Chapman (TWP), Ivan Cutting (Eastern Angles) and Daniel Buckroyd (New Perspectives).

The other crucial element to understanding the draft is:

” running from parents, authority and in that running they are growing, creating new self-identities as young adults. For the first time, not identities framed through their parents”

The idea is we discuss whatever each writer has produced up until this point (scripts, notes, research, etc) and see what happens as regards feedback and where each writer wants to take it in preparation for readings based on full drafts,  July 23rd.

incidentally I posted a few days ago about each the eastern angles and new perspectives companies’ current touring shows. Click on the link to see tour schedules. Both shows well worth seeing in you are in the vicinities.

return to akenfield rural touring show

May 1, 2009

Kate Chapman, Tyrone Huggins, Segun Lee-French and myself  went down to Suffolk last night to see Return to Akenfield.  Written by Craig Taylor the Eastern Angles show is touring until June.

It used verbatim theatre techniques to explore issues of community, globalisation and consumerism.  These accounts are mixed with a narrative thread that stands outside the books Akenfield and Return to Akenfield.

The show is Directed by Naomi Jones.  It is a real ensemble piece. Worked really well, Lots of lovely stage-y type things as the cast play multiple characters.

It was good to see the piece and made me reflect on how simply things can be staged. Still making my piece Boat Gypsies overly complicated though!!!

Rural Touring Project

January 30, 2009

Had the first of the Rural Touring Project Writers’ Lab09 meeting yesterday. There are five writers in the project, actorand writer Tyrone Huggins, Segun Lee French, Leah Chillery, myself and Richard ‘he wasnt there and I didnt catch his surname’ somebody.

Morning was outlining the project, development process, introductions to the rural touring scenes, no committment to produce anything, watching some work. All sounds good. Afternoon was talking about our individual projects. All sound good.

I am working up an idea about the See family who live on a narrowboat. They crash into a local village/market town and their lives change forever. After the feedback yesterday I am now likely to ditch the parents and instead am concentrating on the five young adults who can really drive the story.

Mine and Tyrone’s  Mentor is Ivan Cuttings of Eastern Angles. Daniel Buckroyd of New Perspectives is mentoring two of the other writers, with Kully Thiarai of Theatre Writing Partnership mentoring Segun.

It was good to meet the other writers. Leah and Segun I had wanted to meet for a long time after hearing about them and their work for a long time, Tyrone played one of the Fathers in my play Natural Breaks and Rhythmns so in some ways I felt that I knew them all.

I have set myself a deadline of writing a draft by end of April, when we next meet so a treatment by end of February. Looking forward to it as I havent written anything for two weeks.

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