carcass draft5.1

February 25, 2008

Hi,Despite my prior post i’ve called this one 5.1 as the changes are minimal. One significant elements amended though provided by one line added. I’ve suggested class (which is defined by wealth) division between Jim and Lucy.Some other similar minimalist bits and pieces of lines, switched or excised.Submitting for 9am on Friday and prepping a shoot for later today and tomorrow pm.   carcass draft5.1

carcass draft5

February 19, 2008

Here’s the latest draft. This is a version rather than a draft but i’ve gotten into calling them drafts now so i’ll continue. Tightening of dialogue, pushing subtext mainly through visual language carcass draft 5 i’ve included scene numbers though this isn’t a sign that this has gone into production but a sign that I would be happy for this version to go into production and into rehearsal for the actors to create a new draft that is their own .  

carcass latest draft

January 29, 2008

Hi,Draft 4 here.carcassv4.pdfCut one scene and tried to get technology to work in delivering some of the subtext. Admire that in Cronenberg’s work, not just existenz but earl work like scanners and Dead Ringers also.  

Carcass Script development meeting

January 25, 2008

Had a good meeting today. Looking at developing the how to use the image to represent some of the ideas, again looking at how technology really integrates into this world, how technology can be used for purposes of subtext as well as providing the text. And then the big one I think which is how the change undergone is profound and personal.So I am looking to do this over the weekend for a submission on Monday. 

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