Transmedia Storytelling Conference

December 3, 2013

Just sent off an abstract for this conference on transmedia storytelling

My paper is called Transmedia Storytelling: The Pebble in the Pond & the Indecisive Moment.

Conference takes place in Lisbon in May. Hopefully it’ll be accepted and I can speak and present on narrative structure once more.


‘The Book’ Conference Abstract

July 4, 2010

Link here to the abstract for my next paper presentation.  Conference takes place in St Gallen, Switzerland. De Sautoy had something in the Guardian this week about apps and structure. There’s a lot of stuff about this now, especially with the release of iPad so an interesting area at the moment. As you can see if you’ve checked out the link my paper is a little different to ‘the app is the thing approach’. Got to finish off the paper now over the next couple of weeks.

The Man Who Owns the News

July 1, 2010

Reading this book at the moment

Murdoch Book cover Image

Murdoch Book cover Image

After finishing this book

Turner a Life. Book cover image

Turner a Life. Book Cover

Wolff hasn’t gone for a straight biog. As the book is written at a key point in the life and career of Murdoch he is so far using the deal to buy the Wall St Journal as an opp to delve and jump around. Liking this approach so far. Only 52 pages in.

The Wives (Many) of Fela Anikulapo Kuti

June 26, 2008

So the Fela’s Wives Stageplay currently entitled “the Wives (Many) of Fela Anikulapo Kuti” is coming along nicely. I am about 30 minutes into it. Written a beginning to end of Act One which currently comes in at around 20 pages (20 pages with my writing style and with some of the sequences written so far clock in at about 30 minutes I reckon) and I have now moved onto Act Two. Decided to move on to Act Two rather than finish Act One as it was starting to feel a little forced, so with my new God Particle philosophy in mind I moved on.

God Particle. In a long deep underground tunnel in Switzerland mad (entirely subjective and in no way meant as a strictly legal definition) scientists are firing atoms at other atoms. At the moment of collision new and exciting discoveries can be witness, measured and used for the enhancement of Man. I might be paraphrasing here slightly. This might explain it differently or this

This is what I am doing (in my much more humble way and perhaps not for the benefit of the whole of Mankind) by moving onto Act Two. Once finished I can throw my atomic acts together and see what new mysteries are created/capturing and then go back and start adjusting life as I knew it before this moment of collision. I believe more experienced writers call that looking back and reflecting on “life as I knew it before this moment of collision” rewriting.

Seeing scenes/moments/acts as God Particle experiments is much more sexy, exciting, deluding no??

Fela- Structure

April 30, 2008

I think i’ve decided on a structure for the piece as regards when it takes place. As I said once i’ve seen the contract and had a discussion about how i use this journal I’ll publish more details. I see this journal as an opportunity to discuss and demonstrate process so hopefully I’ll be able to upload specific things i’m working on, rather than just chat in the abstract.

What I will say is that the idea allows the drama to come out of the situation, that those with prior knowledge of the life of Fela Kuti and those without will still be surprised, questioned and entertained, that it allows for the characters to show the journey they’ve been on. Essentially I’m starting in the middle!!

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