February 26, 2015

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On storytelling
on storytelling


Narrative vs Authenticity

January 26, 2011

Watched this video on YouTube. It’s a bunch of academics talking about Narrative and Authenticity. The notes I took while watching were:
How you tell your story
-Narrative not what we’ve done but what we wish to do/be
-Heidigger & authenticity
-Narrative being subjective and contextual based on cultural values
– telling what people want to hear?
– co-operation and collegiate
– what is my true self so how can I be authentic?
– David Boeme physicist and Conditioned Thought.
– Lonergan’s sense of questioning and enquiry. This can tell us who we are.
– What is the purpose of the story and for whom are you writing the story?
– Objective time & lived time.
– life lived as not a series of temporal moments but as a series of possibility

Struck me as lots of appropriate things for the play I am currently writing 57 Images of My Father which is about a lot of these ideas. Perhaps this is why these moments voiced jumped out at me and were written down?

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close escape

September 15, 2008

Had a close escape today. Almost missed seeing Lipsynch by Robert Lepage‘s company. Part of Bite08 at the Barbican Centre, London I got a return ticket for the last night as it was sold out by the time I heard about it.
Absolutely fantastic piece of work. Event lasted from 1pm til 9.30 with a number of short breaks.
Why close escape? I nearly missed being transformed, moved, delighted, amazed, touched by this great piece of theatre. Fantastic performances, music, visual work, storytelling. Almost missed being reminded me how much I love his work and the power of storytelling.
Keeps me honest and unashamed in my own work and not too close to the prosaic, achievable, practical.
A real close escape.

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