Black Screenwriting

August 28, 2018

Off to Milan soon to speak at the Screenwriting Research Network annual conference taking place in Milan this year. I’m talking about how black screenwriters might write for non-black filmmakers. It doesn’t happen very often.
These two films connected with my paper in my head.

BlacKkKlansman Poster image

BlacKkKlansman Poster image


Yardie Film Poster

Yardie Film Poster

I saw Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman yesterday and am speaking alongside two others after a screening of Yardie on Friday about black diaspora depiction so waiting until after Friday before forming any conclusions.

Spike Lee’s New Joint

December 6, 2011

Spike Lee’s new joint Red Hook Summer just been announced as a premiere at Sundance. Not all of his films are released now as standard in the UK so be interested to see if this one makes it over.

red hook summer image


I suspect his oldboy remake should ii happen will as that film has a certain following and there, like Fincher’s Tattoo film has an inbuilt , thouhg not to the same extent, pre-recognition factor.

Good meetings

September 8, 2011

Had a couple of really good productive meetings in the last two days. First was with Bianca Winter of TWP and Barret Hodgson of ventmedia. We discussed our likely approach to the development days upcoming on 57 Images Of My Father. Second meeting was a phone meeting with Director Poonam Brah about the short film version of Ending Panel, a monologue for the stage written by me in 2009 and Directed by Poonam. Hoping to make this now, now now.

It seems, on the surface, all things considered, weighing up pros and cons, that the Arts Council ‘done fucked up’ to paraphrase Mr Spike Lee in their decision to stop funding twp. It closes down in July 2012 and as yet the process of how new work is developed in the region is still up in the air, unknown to the practitioners, yet to be scribble on the back of an envelope by those tasked with spending our money on the creative theatre-making process in the region.

We live in hope that one decisions will be well-considered, well-communicated with responsibility taken for that process and that decision.

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