Decibel09 Pitch thoughts

September 18, 2009

Delivered the pitch for my comedy 57 Images Of My Father at Decibel09 performing arts showcase yesterday. It went well, enjoyed it and had some immediate interest from  a venue, a director and an Art Council employee advised me on funding strategy to get the project rolling so that was good. I also overheard people afterwards discussing approaching me for more info so I’ll let next week shake out and then start following up on some of the delegates who attended the sold out session. The pitch training in July was really useful in helping me structure the presentation and take it seriously.

Here’s the rough structure I had in my head. I improvised around it a little rather than try to memorise it.


– My name, project title, current project history


Imagine a photo task. Malachi’s task. Limbo. Comedy. Stuck. Last chance. Describe Images. Successful creation of a narrative makes interview candidate a suitable fit to be born. playing with the ‘you can choose your friends but not family adage’



*why I am writing this

* imagine you can invent your family, what characteristics would you choose for your parents?

* a show about family, memory, nature vs nurture

*to commit to the development process I enjoy


*whether the absurdist form is the best for the story

* Who and how many characters. There are currently four in my head.

*How the story ends


Want to collaborate to discover an unusual, innovative comedy for your audience

Momentum shows in October

57 Images is a comedy about family, photography and consistently forgetting to flush the toliet after a poo.

I actually forgot to do the curent projects bit as I had moved it in my head at the last moment but luckily someone from the Birminhgam rep asked me about my writing background so I got to do that bit.

Lots of good feedback occurred throughout the day with people coming up to me to make a point of saying they enjoyed the pitch and to suggest endings. Cheers for that.

Film Council First Feature Development Fund

March 27, 2009

Posted my application to Film Council. They have a first feature film development to support uk filmmaking. They offer up to £25,000 to develop the films they support. No information on how that cash is to be spent though. Very competitive to even get selected for an interview for further information on the project. I have applied with Carcass. 12 week turnaround for info on the project so I’ll post again July-ish when I hear something back. They supply feedback on the project but once you apply you cannot apply again with the same project. The fund is to support writers rather than Directors so speaks to the importance of script development as far as the UK Film  Council is concerned. This is a Writer-led fund not a Producer or Director led fund.

early version of carcass

January 6, 2009

uploaded here is an early version of carcass, my 24 Degrees project. The first 30 pages from a while ago. almost a year now so alot has changed since but still think it’ll provide a useful guide to how the project is conceived. The current draft (version 8 as opposed to version 5.1) continues where this one end. There are some significant changes in the current first 30 pages of the now 85 page script but as I say this should give the reader a clear idea of the project, its scope and its thematic concerns.

24 Degrees- Mentor Feedback

December 18, 2008

Had a really good meeting with my mentor Debbie Tucker Green yesterday about my BBC WritersRoom/Royal Court Theatre scheme 24 Degrees. I am one of 24 writers selected from the UK to take part in this commission opportunity. Work can be produced for radio, stage, or screen.

Carcass is a feature length screenplay. The notes I got were incredibly detailed. The session overall and the notes in particular demonstrated to me by their very detail and volume how seriously Debbie had treated the script. After 20 minutes we were only on page 3 of the 63 page script!!

Lots of really good notes and things to consider. The weaknesses I felt in the draft Debbie agreed with which was good. These things can always be a bit of a test of the script analysis powers of the reader/ Script editor so good to see she ‘passed’ that. Some challenges and problems to resolve. and some great opportunities to create a really powerful peice of work  that can break your heart man!

Submission deadline is 5th Jan 2009 so some work to do over the holiday, festive break. Which is how I like it as I do get itchy when not writing.

Hopefully I’ll be able to post the script when the project is done and dusted. Four (or is it six? I wasnt listening)  of the scripts will be selected for a reading in February time so looking forward to hearing the feedback about my project.

24 Degrees. Draft 1 finished

December 3, 2008

Finished and emailed my first draft of Carcass feature two weeks ago. should be having a feedback meeting with mentor Debbie Tucker Green next two weeks before embarking on rewrite for submission  to BBC WritersRoom/Royal Court Theatre for 5th Jan 2009.

Am looking to perhaps extend by 10/15 pages as it runs a little short for a feature at moment. think it’s running at 65/70 minutes at the moment. Plenty of potential to extend but awaiting feedback whilst getting some distance before i embark on it.

24 Degrees-Ideas

September 9, 2008

Am developing Carcass (type carcass in search bar to get script details) and Corporate farce idea for 24 Degrees scheme after conversation with mentor Debbie Tucker Green.

Corporate which is tentatively called Runners is really about revolution. Undecided as to whether the revolution should succeed, should fail, or should fail better in a Beckett, robert the bruce (or was it bonnie prince charlie ?) spider’s web way. The idea that today’s failed revolution helps tomorrow’s revolution get close to succeeding is the way instinctively I want to go. Am sketching out the story at the moment. will then get writing a treatment and then do some research most likely.

carcass draft5.1

February 25, 2008

Hi,Despite my prior post i’ve called this one 5.1 as the changes are minimal. One significant elements amended though provided by one line added. I’ve suggested class (which is defined by wealth) division between Jim and Lucy.Some other similar minimalist bits and pieces of lines, switched or excised.Submitting for 9am on Friday and prepping a shoot for later today and tomorrow pm.   carcass draft5.1

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