Screenwriting Mentoring IdeaTap Pitch competition

September 9, 2014

Submitted mine.

IdeaTap Screenplay Mentoring Pitch

IdeaTap Screenplay Mentoring Pitch

You’ve still got time

Award Season 2012 Scripts

February 3, 2012

CBS News have posted Award Season 2012 scripts. As they say “many studios post pdfs of screenplays online as part of their marketing for Oscar and guild award consideration.”

cbs celebrity circuit logo

cbs celebrity circuit logo

You can find individual links to pdf’ versions of the script available to download. Most of the scripts have the correct filename but 3 or 4 are called script.pdf so you might want to check the filename and rename appropriately.


December 16, 2008

Been reading a couple of books recently-
Story and Character:Interviews with British Screenwriters. Edited by Alistair Owens and What Happens Next by Marc Norman.. Story and Character is a compendium of interviews with Rupert Walters, Lee Hall, Richard Curtis, Frank Cottrell Boyce, Neal Purvis & Robert Wade, Shawn Slovo, William Boyd, Hossein Amini and Simon Beaufoy.
What is really interesting is the strike rate of scripts made to scripts written. Amazed how difficult it all seems to get work made and then how difficult it is once the script gets commissioned.
The Norman book, What Happens next is a history of American Screenwriting. Norman co-wrote Shakespeare In Love, though the interesting discussion about credits make one wonder who wrote what.
Not finished this yet but really enjoying this as I love old Hollywood history books, read quite a few already about the moguls and key Directors, Producers etc.

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