30 award seasons 2013 screenplays

January 6, 2014

Link here to 30 screenplays courtesy of The Film Stage website. Get reading if interested. Mot are pdf’s. The Fifth Estate is a webpage.


Reading Screenplays

January 13, 2013

Downloaded a load of screenplays last week or so. Award season always results in screenplays becoming even more easily available. A lot of the sites host ‘for your consideration’ with some of the less fancied being available. Read Armour, Arbitage and now on the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. As you might see I am simply going alphabetical (I guess Argo wasn’t available on these sites. I might scriptorama it when I get the time) on my eReader. Not seen any of these three films and a lot of the ones I downloaded I am yet to see. I really enjoy reading screenplays and hardly ever feel that it diminishes the actual film when I eventually get to see. For me I just love the format of the screenplay and well-written ones really flow.

award season

January 7, 2013

I always like this time of year because as the Oscars approach screenplays from the last 12 months or so become easily accessible as all the ‘for your consideration’-ing mean the studios, productions companies, MGM, The Weinstein Company, etc put all of their wannabes in one place. All pdf’s. There are lots of alternative sites, I like Drew’s-scriptorama over simply scripts and imsdb but slight irritation at the multiple formats (html, pdf, doc) as I prefer pdfs for my e-reader.
Writer’s Guild on twitter had a link to some of the sites but I guess if you search around directly on the sites you’ll find the downloads available.
The only problem with reading these if you’ve not seen the film was highlighted when I watched The Iron Lady last night I spent the first 20 minutes convinced I’d seen the film already. Reading the screenplay about a year ago but not seeing the film until last night was the problem. Usually the gap is shorter between the reading and the seeing.

Save The Cat

September 19, 2010

Just finished Save The Cat screenwriting book. Although he wrote Stop or My Mom Will Shoot doesn’t mean Synder’s knows not of what he speaks. While I found myself arguing about the more prescriptive elements of the book I did find myself agreeing with a lot of it when referring to my own scripts. The book is published by Michael Wiese Publications. mwp publish the Judith Weston books On Acting and Directors Intuition which I think are fabulous books both of them. Synder’s book I think is a good guide as to how screenplays are ‘read’ by Hollywood execs so this might or might not be how one wants to write screenplays.

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Don Quixote’s Words

September 4, 2010

Reading (very slowly reading) Don Quixote in it’s original Spanish at the moment. I speak Spanish, not fluently but well and can read it ok but I’ve never attempted to read something of this length before. It’s proving really interesting as I have to super concentrate on the words.
I’m reminded of the advice to all writers new to a form to read lots of existing examples of that form so as to be clearer as to how the writer approached the writing, to reveal decisions that underpin the structure. The same is happening with having to translate Cervantes. The only issue is the time taking to translate makes me forget the lessons learnt!!

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Short Short Films

August 4, 2010

After a minor medical incident last night I dreamt of films involving emergency services. Working on short films for second year Moving Image NTU students. Have written one and worked out another so one to do. The difficulty I find is the balance between making short shorts coherent (3 mins or so) and making them interesting. They can feel a little ‘by numbers’ if I make them too generic but ‘looser’ narratives often result in students missing the nuance. Last nights ideas were too logistically complicated and would result in the energies focused on solving script challenges, where can we get an ambulance, uniforms, extras, fake blood etc and not in really examining and interpreting the ideas the script seeks to carry and contain. Still pondering. Got lots of time.

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