Toronto Creating Characters Done

May 24, 2014

Creating Characters International Symposium at Humber Institute of Technology and Learning (ITAL), Lakeshore Drive, Toronto is finished. Mine was the last presentation of the three days and went well. The last day we had Barry Flatman, Joseph Kertes, and Wayson Choy attend. They discussed creating characters and both the break from the presentation of papers style and the content, what they discussed and the way they discussed it was really good. Overall the symposium was excellent. Lots of interesting conversation after each of the varied events. People were from Toronto, Barcelona, Manitoba (Winnipeg), Oklahoma, New York, Ireland, South Korea, Perth, Oporto (plus other places I’ve now forgotten) with the disciplines being as varied as the journeys we had made.

Hopefully details of how to access the publication will be forthcoming soonish.



Next’s year’s takes in Barcelona, March 2015 and i’m hopeful the dates will match up with what else I’ve got going on.
I’ll no doubt post details in about 8-10 months time.
Pic of the fantastic Niagara Falls. Ideas can’t simply come from talking, they ahve to be floating about in the mist also.
Whilst at the conference a fellow delegate mentioned this Screenwriting Research Network network which i’d not heard of before



Going to check them out.

Heading off to the airport now.


Athens paper- Presentation

May 17, 2010

Now thinking about the presentation I have to deliver for the 1st Annual Fine and Performing Arts Conference I am due to attend at the beginning of June, Ash cloud and Greek political situation permitting. The presentation has to be about 15 minutes long. I am trying to work out exactly how many gags I can slip in and how well my humour might travel. (hardly worse than an ash cloud-delayed writer/academic one might suspect) Am also trying to work the word exegesis into it somewhere. It appears like a Greek word to me and once I work out what it means and how one spells it I must go for it! The Paper is The Screenplay as Research Palimpsest. The subject gives me creative license is my strategy.

David Freeman writing course

February 22, 2010

Raindance have David Freeman back to do his two day writing course Beyond Structure.  I took it about the last time he was in the UK I think. I was a little sceptical about it as it talks about 45 ways to do this and 27 ways to deepen character etc, etc but I really enjoyed it and thought it really useful. You should check it out. Really long days but really worth the expense I found.

Fela’s Wives

October 3, 2009

Finished restructure of draft 3. Will now try and do one more pass aiming to make it funnier. I’m a bit afraid of anything I write being boring. Think this is my fear of being too ‘serious’ and my fear of putting emotion at the forefront but trying to not let this stop this piece being what I originally intended, that is a play about empowerment, about recognition of wrong decisions and their repercussions.
No reason why this can’t be funny also though. So one ‘funny’ pass if I have time before emailing to Kate Chapman and Bianca of twp Monday first thing.

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