Athens paper- Presentation

May 17, 2010

Now thinking about the presentation I have to deliver for the 1st Annual Fine and Performing Arts Conference I am due to attend at the beginning of June, Ash cloud and Greek political situation permitting. The presentation has to be about 15 minutes long. I am trying to work out exactly how many gags I can slip in and how well my humour might travel. (hardly worse than an ash cloud-delayed writer/academic one might suspect) Am also trying to work the word exegesis into it somewhere. It appears like a Greek word to me and once I work out what it means and how one spells it I must go for it! The Paper is The Screenplay as Research Palimpsest. The subject gives me creative license is my strategy.


Athens Conference

April 19, 2010

As I can no longer go to the Avanca Cinema conference I am trying to get into the Athens 1st Annual International Conference on Fine and Performing Arts.

One of the benefits of working in Academia is the international conference circuit. Conference attendance and research paper presentations are an important part of an academics life. I have attended and/or presented at conferences in Memphis, Brisbane, Bristol, Coventry and Nottingham and virtually in London.

I actually have a little longer to try and get this abstract written but would have very little time to complete the paper should the abstract be accepted into the conference.

I want to do write something on the screenplay as research document.

see conference website here. The papers already submitted look like a good mixture.

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