not blogging enough

March 21, 2013

Not blogging enough coz not reading enough.
Not reading enough coz not writing enough.
Need to remedy.
Sooner than asap.

Carcass Schedule (7 day version)

February 15, 2008

Here are the latest version of the schedule. Amended to reflect the squash of the budget.HerecarcassDays1-3 HerecarcassDays3-7 and herecarcassPreShootDay The pre-shoot day is for the model shot and the material for the channelAll screens.This will make no sense if you haven’t read the script!! Try the new search facility and type carcassv4 

Carcass Schedule

January 23, 2008

Here’s a sample of the initial schedule. schedulegrab.pdfSo far it is looking like a ten day shoot. It is nowhere near finished yet as there are lots of variables still to be decided, not many specific locations arranged yet, script still developing etc etc, some things need to be shot first for use in later scenes, some nudity that I want to shoot first but nobody cast yet so that whole conversation needs to happen etc, etc. Posting really to demo process and progress and also to talk about the package I am using.Using an industry leading piece of software called EP Scheduling. Such a difference than doing it by hand like I am used to. The automation is excellent and makes it really easy to produce reports of cast, locations, schedules, props etc, etc at a few clicks. Still happily discovering stuff and still unsure if this is the same software as movie magic suite of software or not.   Also have the companion EP Budgeting so hoping that is similarly easy. Trying to get budget and schedule done for friday for submission Monday. Ep have a free trial demo version available for download here so check it out.  

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