Red Scarlet

December 1, 2013

Been shooting with a Red Scarlet last weekend, Friday and today, Sunday.

RedScarletX image

Red Scarlet X

Not Directed anything for literally years and so enjoyed this shoot. I’m Producer/Director on this so thinking about budget and logistics as much as tone and feel.
Doing a spoof xmas ad for BBC Radio Nottingham. The Red seems so versatile. Tom Pierrepont shot it for me.
Been getting into post as we used a 3D printed model to augment some shots. Bought. some fake snow. The 3D model greenscreen shoot was to potentially replace some shots with the snow. We had to dress a couple of sets and so the 3D was a back up if it didn’t look so good but it does.
The snow comes from Snow Business based out of Stroud, Gloucestershire. They did first Narnia film.
It gives a really good immediate visual. We were shooting out in public places and it went down well with kids.
Produced a quick BTS edit last night and that was good fun.
Red allows a 4K version so that is what we are aiming for.
Colour correcting in Red Cine X

Red Cine X

Red Cine X

Grading in DaVinci.


DaVinci Resolve

Amazing that both of these software tools are free.
Finished Edit delivered week after next so I’ll be posting a link to the film soon.

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