57 Images Of My Father

February 7, 2011

I’ve been a bit stuck recently but was trusting my process and am now back cooking on gas. It was reading some feedback I received about 18 months ago that did it:

” There’s no really full present tense action propelling each scene forward, and it’s a play that is perhaps slightly too much about perspective rather than objectives”

The feedback was form the Royal Court Literary Manager. That may not make too much sense to you having no bloody clue what the play is about but it proved to be enough to get over the slight “Shit, how do I solve that problem?” problem I was having.

Vincente Minnelli biog

November 5, 2009

Finished Greatest SciFi Films (Movies sorry. It’s American in sensibility) Never Made yesterday (author David Hughes). What struck me, as ever when reading these types of books is how difficult it is to get work made. I pitched for a SciFi film a couple of years ago which I got some support to develop as a feature through a BBC WritersRoom and Royal Court scheme.  I was clear that the project was very ambitious and that it required a ‘leap of faith’ by the commissioners to move it on. The discussion about the films were really more  about ‘development hell’  as opposed to films that were never made so the different levels of leaps of faith required to get work made struck me. This isn’t really about the funding levels of the projects the book describes but more how work is commissioned and developed.

The other major thing that I’m reflecting on is how difficult it is to get a script that ‘works’. This challenge is what I love about writing. The script is both a technical document and a literary piece of work and getting this balance ‘to work’ on the page is the motivation that keeps me writing.

Now as to the title of this post- I have moved on to now reading Emanuel Levy’s biog about Vincente Minnelli. He always struck me as someone who tried to make ‘different’ films inside a very particular creative system.

24 Degrees Readings_thoughts

March 10, 2009

The 24 degrees readings:

  • Rosemary Jenkinson Basra Boy (stage)
  • Geraint Jones Cocks and Robbers (TV)
  • Laura Lomas Ashes (stage)
  • Emily Steel Boom Boom (radio)
  • Tom Wells God and that (stage)
  • Chris Wilson Playing the Game (Radio)
  • were performed last friday at the Royal Court. They were all Directed and casted pieces.

    All were good and well performed. I particularly liked Playing the Game (Chris Wilson) and Ashes (Laura Lomas). The Playing the Game excerpt was a funny monologue about a boy struggling with the family dynamics after the loss of his mum, I think.  Ashes was a scene set on skegness beach between a boy and his estranged alcoholic dad. Touching portrayal of two people desperately trying to connect.

    What was interesting was it was difficult to place the pieces as to the nature of the  excerpts out of context, so this is why I think the plays were about the above rather than know. I havent read a full draft of any of the 24 Degrees peices other than mine. Talking to Emily Steel (Boom Boom) afterwards and her excerpt consisted of various moments from the play conflated together.   So the Director had seen these moments as being significant to put together to give a flavour of the piece, almost regardless of where they occured in the play. It worked very well.

    I had some good verbal feedback about Carcass from the BBC Writers’ room scriptreader and am looking forward to receiving the feedback electronically. I wish to develop it to send on to the Film Council First Feature Script Development fund so am trying to wait for the feedback before I do so.

    it’s been a good project and I will try and keep in contact with some of the writers i’ve met.

    24 Degrees Culmination

    March 5, 2009

    Attending a reading at the royal court tomorrow as the culmination of the 24 Degrees Royal court/ bbc writers room project. This is the second project of this type that I have participated in after taking part in ‘the 50’ .

    Not sure whether the contacts one makes will result in any of my work being made at any point in the immmediate, near or distant future but what has been useful is that I have produced more work as a result of both schemes or had the opportunity to develop pre-existing ideas so it’s been good.

    Looking forward to hearing the readings tomorrow. Also off the the British Museum as I haven’t been before.

    24 Degrees

    August 1, 2008

    Been approached to take part in a BBC Writer’sRoom/Royal Court Theare project called 24 Degrees. It aims to get new voices into writing for stage and screen. Six cities, four writers from each city to take part to produce new work. I missed the launch event as I was in Memphis but reading the blurb the aim is to produce a first draft of script for january. mentoring and workshops take place between now and then. I have an idea which I will present to them when I meet them. It’s a stageplay about corporate society and is a little farcical, ridiculous parody of some of the excesses of corporate speak.

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