February 15, 2010

Off to Apollo Theatre in the West End this week to see Jerusalem. It has been nominated for a number of writing and acting awards. A recent article makes the case for the play being a treatise on Englishness.I really wanted to see it at the Royal Court but couldn’t make it.

Writer Jez Butterworth’s had an interesting career so far with his mixture of stageplays, screenplays and Directing. There’s an interview from 2009 here with Journalist Mark Lawson.

All in all I’m really looking forward to the day.

24 Degrees Readings_thoughts

March 10, 2009

The 24 degrees readings:

  • Rosemary Jenkinson Basra Boy (stage)
  • Geraint Jones Cocks and Robbers (TV)
  • Laura Lomas Ashes (stage)
  • Emily Steel Boom Boom (radio)
  • Tom Wells God and that (stage)
  • Chris Wilson Playing the Game (Radio)
  • were performed last friday at the Royal Court. They were all Directed and casted pieces.

    All were good and well performed. I particularly liked Playing the Game (Chris Wilson) and Ashes (Laura Lomas). The Playing the Game excerpt was a funny monologue about a boy struggling with the family dynamics after the loss of his mum, I think.  Ashes was a scene set on skegness beach between a boy and his estranged alcoholic dad. Touching portrayal of two people desperately trying to connect.

    What was interesting was it was difficult to place the pieces as to the nature of the  excerpts out of context, so this is why I think the plays were about the above rather than know. I havent read a full draft of any of the 24 Degrees peices other than mine. Talking to Emily Steel (Boom Boom) afterwards and her excerpt consisted of various moments from the play conflated together.   So the Director had seen these moments as being significant to put together to give a flavour of the piece, almost regardless of where they occured in the play. It worked very well.

    I had some good verbal feedback about Carcass from the BBC Writers’ room scriptreader and am looking forward to receiving the feedback electronically. I wish to develop it to send on to the Film Council First Feature Script Development fund so am trying to wait for the feedback before I do so.

    it’s been a good project and I will try and keep in contact with some of the writers i’ve met.

    24 Degrees Culmination

    March 5, 2009

    Attending a reading at the royal court tomorrow as the culmination of the 24 Degrees Royal court/ bbc writers room project. This is the second project of this type that I have participated in after taking part in ‘the 50’ .

    Not sure whether the contacts one makes will result in any of my work being made at any point in the immmediate, near or distant future but what has been useful is that I have produced more work as a result of both schemes or had the opportunity to develop pre-existing ideas so it’s been good.

    Looking forward to hearing the readings tomorrow. Also off the the British Museum as I haven’t been before.

    24 Degrees readings announced

    February 6, 2009

    The six projects due to be read at the Royal Court as a culmination of the 24 Degrees projects were announced yesterday.

    They are

  • Rosemary Jenkinson Basra Boy (stage)
  • Geraint Jones Cocks and Robbers (TV)
  • Laura Lomas Ashes (stage)
  • Emily Steel Boom Boom (radio)
  • Tom Wells God and that (stage)
  • Chris Wilson Playing the Game (Radio)
  • Looking forward to hearing them on March 6th. Laura Lomas is a nottingham writer. She has a play going into rehearsal, literally first day today.  Wasteland is a new perspectives production.

    Disappointed that Carcass wasnt selected and will now send it off to Film Council for their first feature fund script development initiative. Waiting for the feedback on the script first though. I think it’s an incredibly strong project so am going to persevere with it. A reading would have been a good opportunity to raise interest and invite useful possible partcipants.

    24 Degrees readings

    January 16, 2009

    The BBC Writer’s Room /Royal Court Theatre 24 degrees project culminates in a reading on the 6th march. This is where a selection of the scripts are rehearsed and read to an invited audience at the Royal Court Theatre.

    Been an interesting project and I have an interesting feature film script, Carcass as a result of my selection for inclusion in the project. Carcass gives me a strong concept and script to develop so it’s been worthwhile.

    early version of carcass

    January 6, 2009

    uploaded here is an early version of carcass, my 24 Degrees project. The first 30 pages from a while ago. almost a year now so alot has changed since but still think it’ll provide a useful guide to how the project is conceived. The current draft (version 8 as opposed to version 5.1) continues where this one end. There are some significant changes in the current first 30 pages of the now 85 page script but as I say this should give the reader a clear idea of the project, its scope and its thematic concerns.

    24 Degrees- Mentor Feedback

    December 18, 2008

    Had a really good meeting with my mentor Debbie Tucker Green yesterday about my BBC WritersRoom/Royal Court Theatre scheme 24 Degrees. I am one of 24 writers selected from the UK to take part in this commission opportunity. Work can be produced for radio, stage, or screen.

    Carcass is a feature length screenplay. The notes I got were incredibly detailed. The session overall and the notes in particular demonstrated to me by their very detail and volume how seriously Debbie had treated the script. After 20 minutes we were only on page 3 of the 63 page script!!

    Lots of really good notes and things to consider. The weaknesses I felt in the draft Debbie agreed with which was good. These things can always be a bit of a test of the script analysis powers of the reader/ Script editor so good to see she ‘passed’ that. Some challenges and problems to resolve. and some great opportunities to create a really powerful peice of work  that can break your heart man!

    Submission deadline is 5th Jan 2009 so some work to do over the holiday, festive break. Which is how I like it as I do get itchy when not writing.

    Hopefully I’ll be able to post the script when the project is done and dusted. Four (or is it six? I wasnt listening)  of the scripts will be selected for a reading in February time so looking forward to hearing the feedback about my project.

    24 Degrees. Draft 1 finished

    December 3, 2008

    Finished and emailed my first draft of Carcass feature two weeks ago. should be having a feedback meeting with mentor Debbie Tucker Green next two weeks before embarking on rewrite for submission  to BBC WritersRoom/Royal Court Theatre for 5th Jan 2009.

    Am looking to perhaps extend by 10/15 pages as it runs a little short for a feature at moment. think it’s running at 65/70 minutes at the moment. Plenty of potential to extend but awaiting feedback whilst getting some distance before i embark on it.

    24 Degrees- Carcass

    October 15, 2008

    Gotten a bit stuck with Runners my idea for 24 Degrees scheme. (Type 24 degrees into search bar for details of the scheme) so moved onto the other idea I think would work well. Carcass the feature. Carcass was developed with the DV shorts scheme in mind. The draft carcass 5.1 is available on here to download. If you stick carcass latest draft into the search bar you should find carcass5.1.pdf.

    The 24 Degrees scheme is looking for full length plays or hour long TV pieces so i’m developing carcass along those lines.

    Enjoyed writing last night. The challenge for me now is how to maintain atmosphere. Piece is very character, interior and not plot. These are hard films to maintain that interest. Also think that short was a coherent whole so taking it forward from end scene to take Lucy into her future, the future the first 30 minutes set up. I am so afriad of cliche when writing that I have to resist throwing plot aside at the expense of audience interest. I consciously have to think about the emotional drive of a scene/piece and not just write poetry.

    What I hope is that writing carcass for a while will give Runners some space and then I can do a flip back and forth think. It worked last night as while I was writing Carcass I had some interesting ideas for runners.

    Meeting with Mentor Debbie Tucker Green tomorrow so hoping that will also provoke something for me.

    Reminder if you missed Debbie’s play Broadcast Saturday it is available still. go here to listen.

    So what I was doing last night was going back over the previous draft and tweaking to reflect the new extended length and the ideas that can be perhaps more fully explored with that length in mind.  Download draft 5.1 and have a read. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    24 Degrees Mentor- Debbie Tucker Green

    October 8, 2008

    My 24 degrees mentor Debbie Tucker Green is having a braodcast of her play Random this Saturday on BBC Radio 3. Click here for details.

    If you miss it remember that you can listen to it online for up to a week after.

    Here’s a review of Random and another here

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