Ending Panel

October 26, 2009

Enjoyed the Momentum: Northampton readings on the 24th. They took place at the Royal and Derngate theatre Northampton. My monologue piece Ending Panel was presented as part of the Young Britain season. The actor got the energy of the piece and did a good job. The piece got lots of positive comments from the locals. The specific Northampton references to places and postcodes in a way that people recognised and identified with, It’s language, particularly seemed to strike a chord. People kept complimenting my on how I ‘captured’ the speech. I kept reminding them it was the edirol R09 record button that did that. As I’ve posted before about 90% of the script is directly from the young peoples words, almost always used in context also.
Some light talks about whether the piece can be expanded from it’s 15 mins to a larger piece. I am confident this can be easily and creatively done to make an interesting piece of work. We’ll see what happens over the next few weeks and months.

Young Britain-script

October 15, 2009

Finishing off the Young Britain script right now after receiving some note from Kate Chapman, Chief Exec & Artistic Director of TWP. ‘Ending Panel’ will be directed by Poonam Brah and is going to be performed at the Royal and Derngate Theatre on 24th of this month as one of six ten-minute plays.
I haven’t done a literal word count but something like 90% of the words came directly out of the conversations I had during the two sessions at the Youth Offending Service centre in Northampton.

Young Britain- session 2

October 8, 2009

Had the final of two sessions down with the Young Offenders team in Northampton today. I felt I had the piece already in my head after last weeks’s session. Today was about trying to sort out the world of the play and also get answers thrown up after last week, such as where are the young women? (There are that many doing stuff in Northampton or if they are they skip that step and it’s much more serious).
I chatted mainly about the future today and that was useful.
(Eidrol RO9’s are cool recorders)
I have about 10 days or so to deliver the 10 minute play. Doing one quick pass of Fel’s wives and then Young Britain piece which has about four titles so far!

Young Britain-Idea

October 2, 2009

Had the first session yesterday with the Young Britain participants. I spoke to young people and the Young Offenders staff Team informally. The structure of the piece I will write seemed very clear to me. The mixture of what I consider to be the normal testosterone, bravado language and behaviour of a certain type of young men and the weird (to me)  language specificity of the Youth Justice system. This seems to me to be the play. Got structural ideas also after the session. So the session was useful for language and journey of the piece.

I took an edirol RO9 to record the audio and think the final piece will be mostly their words. I’ll see what happens next week and what happens in my head in the intervening time but hoping and don’t expect this to change.

I think the (compulsory) drop-in session I attended is for guys only so may not get a young girl’s perspective.

Not got long to turn the piece around but should be cool, making a pass at the script over the next week.

Young Britain

September 30, 2009

First session starts tomorrow. No idea how many kids will show, how long they’ll stay, how much they’ll say. Fantastically unknown just as I like this. I have a plan but I love the flexibility that is required with sessions like these. Trying to sort out an audio recorder so I can keep the words. I usually like to go with ‘the flavour of my reminisences’ when writing based on rehearsals or workshops or improvisations rather than go for a verbatim approach but as this project is more verbatim I am trying the recording to see what that brings and what it might detract.

Young Britain Project

September 10, 2009

This is on and happening. two meetings with group of young men. ten minute piece to deliver by Oct 19th. I get more details next week. Looking forward to the project. I liked working in this way and is one of the reasons I like workshopping with actors. Although this is a very different thing some of the improvisational nature, attennae tuned in attitude is the same for me.

Working with TWP and Royal and Derngate, Northampton. Cool

Young Writers Project

August 25, 2009

Been approached about a potential writing project. It is to work with a small group of young writers on a ‘rites of passage’ ten-minute short as part of the royal and derngate theatre ‘young britain’ themed work.
The northampton-based young people are not necessarily theatre writers but might write lyrics or bits and pieces or just have something they want to express which relates to the YB theme.

My job would be to meet with the group a couple of times and then to write a 10-minute monologue or duologue using some of their ideas/words/spirits etc .
I’ve done this type of work before and really enjoyed it. Tight October 15th turnaround with the other stuff I’ve got on but I’ve expressed my interest and so we shall see shall. Let’s make it fit baby.

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