November 30, 2011

About to embark on a rewrite of 57 Images of My Father. Done the sketching on paper and next step is to fire up Final Draft and get cracking on it. I’ve posted many a time on my love of rewriting and I’ve found this post that discusses The Rewrite in detail. You may or may not agree with how he structures the rewrite process, doesn’t matter, have a think about what you’ve read anyway.

Here’s a John August post on the issue.

The promise of the rewrite is very sweet. (Hoffman, 2006)

Remaining Five Wives of Fela Kuti

January 9, 2011

Just finished reading print out of latest draft of my now retitled stageplay The Remaining Five Wives of Fela Kuti.
Reading it on the screen is always a little difficult for me to see the overall shape so every five or six drafts I print it out, take a read and ‘red pen’ it.
Next draft which I’m hoping to complete Wednesday should tighten the whole thing up, ramping up the pressure and characterisations.
TWP and I are intending to send it to Oval House to see how it might tie in to their festival of Nigerian Theatre. It won’t be part of the festival but we’re hoping they might see it as being part of works looking to maintaining that festival audience after the festival has finished.

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57 Images Of My Father

October 17, 2010

Despite starting another rewrite of The Five Wives of Fela Kuti I’ve decided to switch my attention to completing another draft of a different project in development, 57 Images of My Father. I was going through old emails and saw one from someone who saw the pitch of I did of this project at Decibel 09 in Manchester. Realised I needed to get on with this and get a draft out and follow up this interest. The Five Wives of Fela Kuti project has taken along time, much longer than envisaged and I need to get more work written so I switched. Watching A Might Heart,  Michael Winterbottom’s film about the Daniel Pearl kidnapping I was struck by the line ‘how can you love someone you’ve never met’ . This is a key idea for my piece.

A video of me pitching the project can be found here.


January 19, 2010

I love rewrites. They have a kind of snowball momentum for me, once I start then new ideas come and I pick up momentum as I go along. Rewriting draft five (might be six, I can’t remember) of the Fela Wives play. I found the last two drafts quite hard going and when I re-read the piece recently I felt it was going to be quite hard going overall but so far it is proving not to be. See this link here on writers talking about rewriting. I love the Hemingway quote.

For me every piece is always about ‘another two drafts’ away! Ha

Boat Gypsies-Rural Touring Project

May 15, 2009

Had the interim meeting day yesterday for the writers’ Lab 09 project. Five writers, myself included have been selected to develop an idea suitable for rural touring venues. There will be a rehearsed reading of extracts from each play presented on 23rd July  to rural touring producers so we are all working towards that.

Yesterday involved discussion of each project and then feedback from all involved, writers and artist director’s /company managers.

really useful day and some good notes to take forward for my project. The writing process was very different for all of us so that was good to see.

the next major step for me is to start doing some technical research on canal boats and some serious character biog work.

Deadline for casting is end of June, deadline for extract draft is mid-july. I have a very busy next two/three months with three projects on the go and potentially a short film drama also to add to that and a trip to Brisbane, Oz for a week to fit in!!

Fela- We have title??

May 6, 2008

So I have a working title now. The Wives (many) of Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Currently working on the characters. At the moment I have 5 but this might change. I am using some of the techniques that writing guru David Freeman expounds. I did a weekend course of his last September in London. Beyond Structure. 2 days, 9-8 where, no lie he talked for almost most of that time. It was really good. Raindance organised it.

Anyway like all of these script guru’s (mckee,seger, wolff, field) he has these specific techniques he wants to impart. So I am now trying these outs to see how I like them.

So far working well in shaping the story before I actually write it. I ordinarily work back to front (this is why i am interested in august wilson. see august wilson post) and inefficiently in that I write it and then figure out what I want and then have to re-write it! Second time i’ve tried working in this way so i’ll see how I get on.

Freeman’s written a book if you’re interested and can’t make it to LA. Its focus is writing for games but he said alot of the techniques were directly transferable and after purchasing it I would agree.

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