Final Draft and Celtx

October 7, 2013

Upgraded to Mountain Lion months ago and last week I tried to open my version of Final Draft 8 and of course it didn’t work. What i’ve written loads of stuff sicne then. Made me realise I’ve been working in CELTX and not FD for about 18 months or so.
I’ve installed the new Mountain Lion compatible version of FD so no biggy but this shows me the type of work i’ve been doing reccently and also where this work has been palced. Not for TV/Film but for theatre and the museum VR piece i’ve recently been commissioned to do and am currently working on. This seems to speak to me about how these different industries respond to the idea of ‘the draft’. FD is much more visibly interatively designed it seems to me. Visible Iterations on my stageplays always seem to cause ‘reading’ and ‘scanning’ problems in a way that they don’t in Film and TV. I think there’s a research paper somewhere in here about communication design. As ever context is king/key/queen/emperor/lord.


57 Images of My Father

January 18, 2011

Got a radical rewrite in mind for my project 57 Images of My Father. This broadens it out as it would now examine masculinity as well as parenthood. Going to complete the current draft first so as to have two versions knocking about. Can’t quite find the time this week so far to get on with it but hopeful to make some progress over the weekend.

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57 Images of My Father- Rewrite

June 21, 2010

Am embarking of a rewrite of 57 Images of My Father. Read the most recent draft a while ago and made notes as to my thoughts. Now starting this morning and already thinking why can’t I stick to my notes? Of course I ndidnt bring my notes with me but I can remember the significant elements. the notes varied from typos to more significant stuff. Made a change from male to female character which seems major but I don’t actually think is. Looking at creating a punchier opening and letting the audience ‘in’ a little more at the beginning.

Fela’s Wives

October 3, 2009

Finished restructure of draft 3. Will now try and do one more pass aiming to make it funnier. I’m a bit afraid of anything I write being boring. Think this is my fear of being too ‘serious’ and my fear of putting emotion at the forefront but trying to not let this stop this piece being what I originally intended, that is a play about empowerment, about recognition of wrong decisions and their repercussions.
No reason why this can’t be funny also though. So one ‘funny’ pass if I have time before emailing to Kate Chapman and Bianca of twp Monday first thing.

24 Degrees- Carcass

October 15, 2008

Gotten a bit stuck with Runners my idea for 24 Degrees scheme. (Type 24 degrees into search bar for details of the scheme) so moved onto the other idea I think would work well. Carcass the feature. Carcass was developed with the DV shorts scheme in mind. The draft carcass 5.1 is available on here to download. If you stick carcass latest draft into the search bar you should find carcass5.1.pdf.

The 24 Degrees scheme is looking for full length plays or hour long TV pieces so i’m developing carcass along those lines.

Enjoyed writing last night. The challenge for me now is how to maintain atmosphere. Piece is very character, interior and not plot. These are hard films to maintain that interest. Also think that short was a coherent whole so taking it forward from end scene to take Lucy into her future, the future the first 30 minutes set up. I am so afriad of cliche when writing that I have to resist throwing plot aside at the expense of audience interest. I consciously have to think about the emotional drive of a scene/piece and not just write poetry.

What I hope is that writing carcass for a while will give Runners some space and then I can do a flip back and forth think. It worked last night as while I was writing Carcass I had some interesting ideas for runners.

Meeting with Mentor Debbie Tucker Green tomorrow so hoping that will also provoke something for me.

Reminder if you missed Debbie’s play Broadcast Saturday it is available still. go here to listen.

So what I was doing last night was going back over the previous draft and tweaking to reflect the new extended length and the ideas that can be perhaps more fully explored with that length in mind.  Download draft 5.1 and have a read. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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