Toronto Creating Characters Done

May 24, 2014

Creating Characters International Symposium at Humber Institute of Technology and Learning (ITAL), Lakeshore Drive, Toronto is finished. Mine was the last presentation of the three days and went well. The last day we had Barry Flatman, Joseph Kertes, and Wayson Choy attend. They discussed creating characters and both the break from the presentation of papers style and the content, what they discussed and the way they discussed it was really good. Overall the symposium was excellent. Lots of interesting conversation after each of the varied events. People were from Toronto, Barcelona, Manitoba (Winnipeg), Oklahoma, New York, Ireland, South Korea, Perth, Oporto (plus other places I’ve now forgotten) with the disciplines being as varied as the journeys we had made.

Hopefully details of how to access the publication will be forthcoming soonish.



Next’s year’s takes in Barcelona, March 2015 and i’m hopeful the dates will match up with what else I’ve got going on.
I’ll no doubt post details in about 8-10 months time.
Pic of the fantastic Niagara Falls. Ideas can’t simply come from talking, they ahve to be floating about in the mist also.
Whilst at the conference a fellow delegate mentioned this Screenwriting Research Network network which i’d not heard of before



Going to check them out.

Heading off to the airport now.



January 7, 2014

This recent report Forget Franchises mirrors the focus of a paper I wrote last year.

Kagan McLeod Superhereos Image

Kagan McLeod Superhereos Image

Marvelisation, as I coined it, is a narrative strategy whereby an interconnected universe is exploited through standalone films.
I presented the paper at the Avanca Cinema Conference in Avanca, which is a small town about two hours out of oporto.
A link to the publication can be found here.



If interested in reading writing about cinema the book is a good purchase being 1288 pages long! each article is about 5 or 6 pages in length.

a Link to this year’s call for papers can be found here. The conference has a film festival attached to it and practical workshops so a really good way to be immersed in film, in sunny Portugal, for a week.

Transmedia Storytelling Conference

December 3, 2013

Just sent off an abstract for this conference on transmedia storytelling

My paper is called Transmedia Storytelling: The Pebble in the Pond & the Indecisive Moment.

Conference takes place in Lisbon in May. Hopefully it’ll be accepted and I can speak and present on narrative structure once more.

Book Conference- timely topic

July 23, 2010

Every day seems to bring another article about how the book publishing industry is being affected by technology. eBooks, eReaders, online book sellers etc. Today’s story was about how authors signed to Agent Andrew Wylie’s agency were aiming to cut out the publishers and sell directly to Amazon. My research paper due to be presented at the 8th Annual Conference On The Book at the University of St Gallen, St Gallen, Switzerland is about what the book publishing industry can learn from how the film industry dealt with new technology in the late 1970’s early 1980’s. Today’s story reminded me of the end of the long-term contract studios signed with authors. I might discuss these parallels in the paper also now as it seems apt and again similar models might be adopted by book publishers.

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St Gallen Book Conference paper

July 15, 2010

Started work on my paper accepted for the 8th Annual Conference on The Book. This year’s conference takes place in St Gallen, Switzerland. Last year’s was in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Made a start today after having no time to do anything on it for a two weeks or so. The paper proposes the book industry takes a look at how the film industry dealt with new technology in the early 1980’s. Trying to get it done by end of next week, in time for peer reviewing before the November conference.

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