BBC Radio Drama Training Day

June 17, 2008

Off to Demontfort tomorrow for radio day. Based on their suggested titles i’ve written another short piece.


Looking forward to the day.

BBC Radio Drama Training Day

June 13, 2008

Attending a BBC Radio Drama day at DeMonfort University on Wed 18th in the Queens Building. Aim of the day is to produce a “short (1-3 min) pieces recorded and ready to be edited”. Structure is to have “small groups, each group with one BBC producer to advise.”

I’ve written something already which you can see below.

They’ve suggested possible  titles:
You never know what’s around the corner
Voyage and return
It’s better to have loved and lost…
Killing time
Smoke signals
The wick and the match
Two flights to go
Fenced in
Divide and conquer
The last straw
Tale of the unexpected
No turning back
One minute to go
The last request
Missed message

with the idea being that each script “might have the climax/turning point of the piece centred on a sound.”

I’m going to try and write a few pieces using these titles. Here’s the piece I’ve written already.


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