57 Images latest draft

March 28, 2014

80-odd pages into my latest draft of 57 Images Of My Father. Working on it for the Inside Out competition I’ve posted about earlier.

The festival wil show a ten minute extract of all 7 selected writer’s work.  I’ve decided my extract section I think but reserving judgement until I get to the end of the draft. Chosen a section that has high energy and has the comic aspects that are an important element of what is quite an esoteric idea. The set-up’ll need some explanation though. I was going to go from the first ten minutes as that is also comic and would have provided some of the exposition but think the new extract selection will be better for the audience to enjoy. Whatever section will be out of context so might as well go with one that pushes the actors and will be fun to play with for all involved in setting up the extracts.

I’m at the stage where I need to print the draft out as I’m struggling to see the shape now. I’ve got a beats treatment and am working to that but need to get the shape of the entire thing so I can then have some time next week working to the Friday delivery and I need to to do that on paper. There is no requirement of the scheme to have an entire new draft but that’s what i’m doing. Spent most of my time trying to focus the ‘journey’ of the two main characters and feel there’s a definite improvement.


Curve Playwriting Competition

February 19, 2014

Officially informed today that I’m one of 7 playwrights selected for the Curve Theatre’s Playwriting Competition with ’57 Images of My Father’.
There’s going to be a reading event at the Curve on Saturday 12th April.
Winner, announced on the night gets a year of R&D.
Judges are:

Suba Das
Henry Swindell
Henderson Mullin
Neil Macpherson
Ishy Din and
Dawn King.

Good opportunity for me to crack this project that’s been around in my head for awhile. Something’s missing and I still can’t feel what it is yet.
I’ll update as I go along.

rural touring project- interim deadline

April 24, 2009

Interim stage meeting to discuss Boat Gypsies project on 18th May. So imagine i’ll have to get draft done by the end of the first week in May. Giving twp a few days to circulate.

Might just make it. I dont HAVE to get one done, this is simply a ‘where are you at, lets have a look at the pages and then discuss it’ meeting  but I like to get a draft out so I can get a sense of what I am doing and then move on from there.  It is also really important for me to get this feedback so I can see how many of the ideas I am exploring are hitting home for the reader, to hear new suggestions and to buy myself some thinking not writing time before embarking on the next draft.

This draft is surprising me even though I’ve written a treatment but think I will struggle at the moment to sustain the story as the driver I have is a little weak and unsustainable.

August Wilson Century Cycle

April 19, 2009

Completed August Wilson’s century cycle by finishing Radio Golf. Funny play. Enjoyed that alongside , Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Seven Guitars, Two Trains Running, Fences and Piano Lessons the most.
I felt at times that the language was too similar but put this down to intention and the fact that I was reading them all back to back without the gap of the years between their writing.
Will read them again in five years or so.

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