BBC Radio Nottingham Snowman Spoof Xmas ad

December 13, 2013

Hitesh Chavda was Associate Producer and film was produced through his production company Monkey Media Productions. Pete Balogun worked on shoot. Tom Roberts, Nisa Kelly, and Kalab Khaliq, three final year multimedia students from ntu, were the crew and shot alot of behind the scenes footage that is still to come. Helen Ansell from ICan Creative, nottingham made the snowman prop, Song was performed by sabrina sandhu with backing vocal by nina smith.
Film was heavily supported by Lei Cox, Head of Department for Visual Communication at Nottingham Trent University.

Staff at all the locations featured in the film were really helpful and we had a really good, productive time making the ad.
Note for the groucher on Nottingham Evening Post site where you can also see the film, No TV license fee money was spent on the production of this ad!

You can also see the ad via radio nottingham facebook page.

Masters Film Practice projects this year

December 13, 2013

Got some interesting post-graduate projects to supervise this year. One I’m finding really intriguing at the moment is the one of surface division in film. Bruce Block has written about this but it seems like most of the work is more on aspect ratio so this important composition technique is going to be interesting I think.

Defining Contributions Keynote preparation 2- photography project

March 19, 2012

As part of my Defining Contributions keynote I think I have to create a mini-photography project. I’ve made a note in my presentation which involves me taking photos of parents holding the acoutrements of their daily trip to school, Lunchboxes, scooters and the like.

I say think because I can’t for the life of me remember how this fits. I figured I had better embark on it and then hope that I work it out because the alternative migh be to work it out but then it might be too late to include so embark and then include if and when it makes sense.

Defining Contributions Keynote preparation1

March 13, 2012

Been working on my keynote for the Defining Contributions keynote I’ve been asked to deliver at the PhD conference in May. The title is “Mirror, Mirror? The Poverty, Problem and Purpose of Comparison”. My abstract is:

“Architect Richard Rogers described Architecture as “public space held by buildings” (Higgins, 2012). I think research is “thinking held by artefacts”. The themes of this presentation are the Poverty, Problem and Purpose of Comparison; the patience of perspirations; the restless inquiry; the SCAMPER and morphological models of innovation. It seeks to ask the listener to embrace the 4am terror of the creative individual as a truly original endless resource.”

Got a good structure and probably all of the material sorted. Next is the “verbals” to support the images used to represent the ideas present. Aiming to have a draft done so that i can then spend April refining the “verbals” so I can deliver an interesting, invigorating, lively presentation.

Wander around the website Defining Contributions as more and more interesting stuff is being populated on the site as the conference gets nearer.

Keynote speech

January 20, 2012

Been asked to deliver a keynote speech at this conference in May.

defining contributions website

defining contributions website screengrab


Really looking forward to it. Got a number of my jokes, gags and routines worked out. Just need to get the serious stuff in there now!

Clothes as Film Narrative device

April 17, 2011

Was talking to a student yesterday who is doing a research project about clothes as Narrative devices. We were talking about how costume drama easily lends itself to this, Portrait of a Lady, The Piano, The Age Of Innocence, etc, etc. The old silent Harold Lloyd-era films also lend themselves to looking at this. We then starting looking at Contemporary films where Attack The Block was mentioned as it is being sold a little as another ‘Hoody’ film. I really like this idea of the costume as a real device. The swathe of Red Riding Hood films coming up will be interesting on this point.

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Short Short Films

August 4, 2010

After a minor medical incident last night I dreamt of films involving emergency services. Working on short films for second year Moving Image NTU students. Have written one and worked out another so one to do. The difficulty I find is the balance between making short shorts coherent (3 mins or so) and making them interesting. They can feel a little ‘by numbers’ if I make them too generic but ‘looser’ narratives often result in students missing the nuance. Last nights ideas were too logistically complicated and would result in the energies focused on solving script challenges, where can we get an ambulance, uniforms, extras, fake blood etc and not in really examining and interpreting the ideas the script seeks to carry and contain. Still pondering. Got lots of time.

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