Escape Studios talk

February 25, 2011

Escape Studios is heading up to NTU to deliver one a talk to the Multimedia students.

Escape Studios Logo

Escape Studios Logo


This is from their blog:

“Having already worked with a number of the Universities offering courses in Animation, Games and Visual Effects we are now looking to broaden the scope of these relationships and meet with students and faculty from a wide range of creative and technical backgrounds.
Drawing on our experience of training and recruiting for the CG industries we will be introducing students to the worlds of Visual Effects, Games, Animation and Visualisation. Not only are we talking to university students who will soon be considering their job prospects but colleges, where students are just starting to think about their career options.”

We have had a couple of graduates go through the Escape course. The course is very expensive but has the reputation as being extremely good at gaining employment for the student. Conrad Olson now works at Framestore and Vincent Chang now works at Double Negative


Graduate Success Stories

July 21, 2010

News of two Multimedia graduates Conrad Olson and Andy Needham. Conrad works as a compositor/Paint Artist. He worked on Nanny Mcfee 2, Where The Wild things Are, Clash of The Titans. See is credits here. He works at Framestore the soho based effects house.

Andy is a Freelance Motion Designer.

Conrad and Andy worked together on a music video for thier final year MM project way back when. Nice to see them doing so well.

3D mind-broadening

May 29, 2010

After a week of listening to NTU Multimedia 1st year students presenting their ideas delivered in a 3D via 3D Studio Max I have decided to try over the summer to delve into Maya. Working in academia means that I can take advanatge of Autodesk‘s academic offer and use Maya and Mudbox free for 13 months. I have some experience using 3ds max but didnt enjoy it. Trying to broaden my mind by trying 3D modelling again. I will no doubt post on here periodically as I work my way through the various tutorials available on the Autodesk Community site.

MM graduate student Rowland Kimber

January 28, 2010

I get regular searches for Rowland Kimber ending up at my site. Rowland is a Multimedia graduate from a few years back. 2005 I would think. I thought I would post his website here so that anyone looking for him can see what he’s up to. lots of good work being produced by him and his company Ivory Tower Pictures so more power to him. Virals, Ads, Music vids and corporate promos. International work includes some recent work for Thermos the american company.

Script-ets- Scripts

January 17, 2010

Posting a couple of the scripts-ets written for NTU Multimedia students here for your perusal or otherwise you decide. The students received the scripts on friday and the idea is that they will interpret, adapt, shoot and edit over the next four weeks.

Cough Gaze Brick


January 8, 2010

Productive day. Three done.  Perhaps two tomorrow. Would put me well ahead of schedule so I can do the other writing I have a mid-feb deadline on, Five Wives of Fela Kuti!!

24 Degrees- Draft nearly finished

November 12, 2008

Attended a lecture that Documentary film maker Jeanie Finlay delivered to Nottingham Trent University Audiovisual students on the Multimedia degree programme. Jeanie has recently finished Goth Cruise, her latest documentary. The lecture was her discussing her career process/progress. She mentioned a earlier project Homemaker and I was struck particularly by a Japanese woman who had taken daily photos of cloud formations.

This struck me as something that my Carcass character Lucy would do so I devised a scene that mentions these rare clouds formations. She takes these photos because even though the clouds in her world are computer generated, each moment has the possibility and potential for change. I also liked the idea that she looks to see into the cloud and each one can contain something different, despite obvious similarities because each day she looks to see something different.

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