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February 22, 2015

By coincidence got three music biographies from library recently

Prince Biography

Prince Biography

What A Wonderful World Louis Armstrong Biog

What A Wonderful World Louis Armstrong Biog


Morrissey&Marr_The Severed Alliance

Morrissey&Marr_The Severed Alliance

Read the Prince one over the weekend and it was much better than I thought, especially on the last 10/15 years. Now onto the Louis Armstrong one. Riccardi’s thesis is that Armstrong was unfairly popped at by critics in his later years and that critics either hadn’t followed his career or were wilfully using their ennui to have a go. The Morrissey/Marrs one I saw when I was returning the Prince one. Never a Smiths fan but it looked good so figured why not.


April 3, 2008

Got a meeting in two weeks with Theatre Writing Partnership to talk through an idea I have about Fela Kuti. Not entirely sure about the focus of the meeting but I am interesting in writing a piece about politics, music, ego and ambition but not in the typical biography-type way. Also think the idea has film adaptation potential, again with a twist in location. More info to come after the meeting.


February 14, 2008

At the moment the music downloads rather than streams so when I sort this out i’ll fix it. The music will be worth it especially when you hear it against the script 

Carcass Music

January 24, 2008

I went to a gig before christmas to see singer/songwriter Chris Green. It was fantastic.  As I was listening I really felt some of the songs he performed would really work with Carcass.I’ve gotten Chris’s permission to post rough demo versions of the tracks and as soon as i’ve fileden works for me i’ll post them. The valley (offal) I am thinking of for the opening of scene two and largerbabble is perfect for the Stimulator Bar scene    You can listen to some of Chris’ other tracks here

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