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February 11, 2015

In award season I’ve been watching a number of the nominated films but had that horrible experience recently of my set top box nearly running out of space and not recording MOTD so been working my way through the films I’ve recorded ages ago and not gotten around to seeing so saw

Tyrannosaur poster

Another Year Poster

Another Year Poster

The Way Back poster

The Way Back

Enjoyed them all. the introductory shot of Imelda Staunton near the opening shot was just like Lost In translation’s opening shot right? I wonder how much more of her story was shot that we never got to see.
Tyrannosaur was good and for me deserved all the plaudits, looking forward to his next directorial film.
Way back- Peter Weir’s had a really interesting mix of films and again his work is something that I enjoy watching.

Mike Leigh’s JMW Turner film

November 27, 2013

Tate’s Inspired series has this* video interview with Mike Leigh

Leigh is making a biopic of JMW Turner. Turner is perhaps my favourite artist, not even painter but artist and I’m really looking forward to this film.

I think Leigh is a really good fit for this project, characterisation, humour, verisimilitude. As is lead Tim Spall.

The film is down as being due for release next year.

link embed doesnt appear to be working so here’s url

Arcola Theatre’s The Painter

February 1, 2011

Bought my tickets (finally) for The Painter.


Toby Jones As JMW Turner

I completely love Turner’s work and over the years have read lots of biogs and books on the work. Apparently Film Director Mike Leigh has been trying to make a film about Turner for years and once you read his story one can see why the man and his work still resonate down the centuries.

Looking forward to seeing Toby Jones in the role. he’s, to my mind one of those under-rated actors that the british film and theatre industry has formed its bedrock on over the centuries. Amanda Boxer, Jim Bywater, Niamh Cusack, Ian Midlane and Denise Gough make up the rest of the cast. Again names and faces you might recognise from stage and screen over the last x years.

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