Natural Breaks e-book

November 22, 2010

Just received, signed and returned my eBook version royalty contract for my Methuen Drama published stageplay Natural Breaks and Rhythms. Think its good that it’ll be available on Kindle, eReader etc, etc but not so good that it’ll be same retail price as the physical hard copy version. My recent paper Adaptation delivered at the 8th International Conference on The Book spoke about pricing models for eBooks. I think they should be significantly cheaper than hard copy version. Royalty rate is 10%. Not received a single check yet so expect to be receiving 10% of nothing for some time yet!

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coming up 2008 guidelines

March 14, 2008

Was informed of this scheme by EM Media on three separate occasions by three different employees and am applying. Have two or three new ideas I intend on submitting. Going to use the Carcass script developed as part of my unsuccessful DV Shorts submission as an example of my writing for the screen, as well as my published play natural breaks and rhythms.They require treatments only at this stage so when I’ve done them I’ll post them here. Submission date is 4th April.  See details on pdf attached coming up 2008 guidelines