Wasteland- Rural touring play

May 2, 2009

Went to see New Perspectives New rural touring show Wasteland last night. It’s playing at the assembly rooms in derby before embarking on a rural tour of the east midlands. The debut play by writer Laura Lomas is inspired by the Fred Barras/Tony Martin/Brendan Fearon case of a few years back.
It’s a young creative team and features really strong performances through. The ‘traverse’ staging (stage in the middle, audience either side) works really well and Director Esther Richardson uses the space well. My rural piece I’m developing is set on a narrowboat so seeing this staging working well was useful. It was also useful to see this piece the day after Return To Akenfield another rural piece. Both simply staged but requiring different things in terms of stage. Management. My piece which I thought potentially overly complicated after seeing the eastern angles show, I now feel more reassured about. Still lots of difficulties that hopefully the development process will throw up.
Wasteland runs until June 6. Go see it for one of the best ‘introducing a character scenes’ you’re likely to see. Tour schedule here

24 Degrees Readings_thoughts

March 10, 2009

The 24 degrees readings:

  • Rosemary Jenkinson Basra Boy (stage)
  • Geraint Jones Cocks and Robbers (TV)
  • Laura Lomas Ashes (stage)
  • Emily Steel Boom Boom (radio)
  • Tom Wells God and that (stage)
  • Chris Wilson Playing the Game (Radio)
  • were performed last friday at the Royal Court. They were all Directed and casted pieces.

    All were good and well performed. I particularly liked Playing the Game (Chris Wilson) and Ashes (Laura Lomas). The Playing the Game excerpt was a funny monologue about a boy struggling with the family dynamics after the loss of his mum, I think.  Ashes was a scene set on skegness beach between a boy and his estranged alcoholic dad. Touching portrayal of two people desperately trying to connect.

    What was interesting was it was difficult to place the pieces as to the nature of the  excerpts out of context, so this is why I think the plays were about the above rather than know. I havent read a full draft of any of the 24 Degrees peices other than mine. Talking to Emily Steel (Boom Boom) afterwards and her excerpt consisted of various moments from the play conflated together.   So the Director had seen these moments as being significant to put together to give a flavour of the piece, almost regardless of where they occured in the play. It worked very well.

    I had some good verbal feedback about Carcass from the BBC Writers’ room scriptreader and am looking forward to receiving the feedback electronically. I wish to develop it to send on to the Film Council First Feature Script Development fund so am trying to wait for the feedback before I do so.

    it’s been a good project and I will try and keep in contact with some of the writers i’ve met.

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