Blitz Kids

January 2, 2014

Just finished Blitz Kids by Sean Longden.

Blitz Kids Book Cover

Blitz Kids Book Cover

Really good read. The focus is how ww2 affected UK kids. I guess there’s a good number of books already about the Hitler Youth and I would be interested to read one from the Russian perspective.
What is striking is the experiences of the kids, after signing up at 14, which they could if signing up for the Navy, had gone through by the age of 18. Fighting, being shipwrecked, the world of working men, growing up, leaving home.
Book didn’t really focus overly on longer lasting consequences other than discussing the sense of liberation felt by the country as a result winning the war, NHS, home building, career aspirations for boys, girls, men and Women. Again this is covered by lots of other books so it was a good editorial decision to focus this book on the experiences of numerous named individuals.
I’m now reading 1974 by David Peace. Read Damned United a few years ago, around the time of the film I guess, and his most recent book Red or Dead. Saw parts of the adaptation of Red Riding but don’t know much about this book. I think it’s part of Red Riding Trilogy isn’t it?


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