Reitman nepotism accusation article scan

December 22, 2009

Received a comment about the previous Reitman post asking for a link to the original article. I read it in print and not online. As I couldn’t find an online version that hadn’t been subbed I have scanned the article, Zoomed in for legibiliy and larger for broader context awardsGrab

awards text

I think it is different in tone to articles like this one and I post in disappointment rather than anger

Unfair Reitman nepotism criticism

December 21, 2009

In an article about likely award-winning films there was, I felt an unfair dig at Jason Reitman. The throwaway line suggested he was likely to get an Oscar nomination for his latest film Up In The Air due to nepotism. To my knowledge Reitman has made three films, Thank You For Smoking, Juno and UITA. 3 films in 3/4 years. All have been multi-nominated, multi-award winning films and to suggest he/the films get nominated because his dad makes films is such a reach when you actually consider the films. It was an example I think of the writer reaching for an easy line. The guy makes intelligent, thought-provoking, mature films and to try and dismiss him and his work is this way struck me as very unfair. UITA has been consistently well-reviewed for the months it’s been playing the festival circuit with Clooney, in particular being praised for delivering his best film performance to date. The search for Narrative at all times is a very human one but one wonders at times how far Journalism will go to tell a ‘story’. Cheap shot.

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