Black representation in Film interview

September 2, 2018

About to go and do an interview on BBC Radio Nottingham about representation of black culture on film.
Framed around recent released discussed in prior post and hoping to discuss my paper due to present in Milan in 10 days and the new BA (Hons) filmmaking course at ntu that I lead and how these all connect.

BAFTA Screenwriters Lecture series

October 4, 2011

Link here to Bafta’s screenwriters interview series.

BAFTA screenwriting interview series

BAFTA screenwriting interview series page grab

Screenshot shows a selection of the writers interviewed. Bookmark the page and return over the months and years as more recent interviews are uplaoded.  Site has clips or longer full length interview.

creative screenwriting magazine recent interviews

November 11, 2010

Check out here for recent podcasts from creative screenwriting magazine. Chris Morris, Downtown and Out, Judd Apatow, comic con, James Cameron all amongst the interviewees.

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