Screenwriting Mentoring IdeaTap Pitch competition

September 9, 2014

Submitted mine.

IdeaTap Screenplay Mentoring Pitch

IdeaTap Screenplay Mentoring Pitch

You’ve still got time


idea development

September 12, 2008

In my usual, make everything into a glass half-full, positive way I have been using a short stay in hospital to develop an idea I am working on. After the DV Shorts scheme I am looking to make a short skills/career development piece that thematically has resonances with Carcass the piece developed with the DV Shorts/ EM Media in mind.
The stay has gotten me thinking of specific tonal ideas, visual and aurual. It’s also given me some bits and pieces of dialogue to work with and a visual idea for a specific emotional tone, for the opening of the piece and it’s underpinning also. All in all a good positive experience.

24 Degrees-Ideas

September 9, 2008

Am developing Carcass (type carcass in search bar to get script details) and Corporate farce idea for 24 Degrees scheme after conversation with mentor Debbie Tucker Green.

Corporate which is tentatively called Runners is really about revolution. Undecided as to whether the revolution should succeed, should fail, or should fail better in a Beckett, robert the bruce (or was it bonnie prince charlie ?) spider’s web way. The idea that today’s failed revolution helps tomorrow’s revolution get close to succeeding is the way instinctively I want to go. Am sketching out the story at the moment. will then get writing a treatment and then do some research most likely.

Film Council

April 4, 2008

Production designer for Carcass pointed this Film Council first feature development fund  to me.  Am going to apply with Carcass I think. Have a little bit of preparation to do to the sample script I need to submit before I can send it off but looking forward to giving it a punt.


April 3, 2008

Got a meeting in two weeks with Theatre Writing Partnership to talk through an idea I have about Fela Kuti. Not entirely sure about the focus of the meeting but I am interesting in writing a piece about politics, music, ego and ambition but not in the typical biography-type way. Also think the idea has film adaptation potential, again with a twist in location. More info to come after the meeting.

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