Tony Gilroy on Writing

October 2, 2013

Link here to a BBC ‘Top 10 tips to writing’ story by Writer/Director Tony Gilroy.

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The Hollywood Reporter Annual Roundtable videos

January 25, 2013

Link here to the this year’s The Hollywood Reporter annual roundtable series of long interviews with Actresses, Actors, Writers, key creatives from the award season nominees.

THR roundtable homepage grab

Rebels On The Backlot

July 3, 2011

About to start reading Rebels On The Backlot. It looks like its going to be a deliciously trashy read. I suspect author Sharon Waxman has, like Peter Biskind (easy riders, raging bulls; Down and Dirty Pictures, Warren Beatty biog) has a number of these Hollywood expose`s planned.
Got library book 1415, Ian Mortimer’s about Henry V’s year of glory to read first.

Rebels on the Backlot: 6 Maverick Directors and How They Conquered the Hollywood Studio System

June 14, 2011

Just ordered this from Amazon.

Rebels On The Backlot

Rebels On The Backlot Cover Image

Just under £7.00 and as I’m a sucker for these kinds of books I couldn’t resist. I’ve got a number of these types of books. We might all pick six different Directors but I’m sure the book will be good with the ones featured. I’ll post with thoughts once I’ve completed it.

Lew Wasserman Biog

November 12, 2010

Lew Wasserman Biog just arrived.



WassermanBiographyCover Image

As I’ve said on many an occasion I love reading these old Hollywood biographies. The biog is written by Connie Bruck. Amazon 6 quid, from usa. job done.

Old Hollywood

September 25, 2010

Reading a book about old Hollywood mogul DF Zanuck. I’ve read lots of Hollywood biogs over the years, especially old Hollywood. Mayer, Thalberg, Minnelli, Goldwyn, An Empire of Their Own by Neil Garbler is probably my favourite and seems to be generally well-viewed as it quoted favourably in a number of the others. Originally it started as research for a project I was writing. I outlined the project (this must be about 8 years ago or so) but haven’t gone any further. It was also about celebrity so I’ve read more current biogs, Eastwood, Cruise, Spielberg, Scorcese but I always prefer the ones about Von Stroheim, Lang, Hitchcock, Peck, Grant. No doubt I will have read many of the anecdotes before but looking forward to getting into it.

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September 21, 2010

Interesting article here from the Guardian website about Nollywood the nigerian film industry. The indsutry has periodic bursts of publicity here in the UK. Let’s see if Number 2 staus leads to more prolonged exposure. I suspect the production values of the fims and the lack of UK market won’t lead to uk cinema releases in the way that Bollywood releases have.

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