The Science of Watching films

June 6, 2011

Interesting podcats/video post here on the Guardian newspaper website today about the science of how people watch films. Eye-tracking equipment and a scene from There Will Be Blood. Check it out before I drink your milshake.

You’ll need to watch the video as well. You’ll find the the link to the video on the same page as the podcast.

24 Degrees- Ideas

August 21, 2008

Have another idea for the 24 Degrees BBC WritersRoom/Royal Court Theatre scheme I am a part of. See earlier 24 Degrees posts for an idea of the scheme if you wish. Have an idea about Fung Shui and corporate ridiculousness. Working up another idea about natural resources and recycling and the preciousness of these materials. Guardian UK newspaper had an article about essex council making glass and plastic road signs after big numbers of the metal ones being stolen for scrap metal melting down and re-sale as the demand has risen 150% over two years. This and the interest I have in the coming preciousness of water as a resource leads itself to a potentially ‘funny with a serious undertone’ piece. Similar I imagine (existing in my current mental space  of not fully worked out or thought throughness state I exhibit at the moment) in tone to the Feng Shui piece.

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