24 Degrees- Post Manchester workshop

October 23, 2008

Spent Monday and Tuesday at BBC Manchester as part of the 24 degrees project. It was good to see the other 23 writers. I missed the launch event, London July 2008, as I was in Memphis attending an elearning conference (Fusion 2008) so nice to get a feel for the writers from around the UK.

Two days talking about plays, attending workshops, listening to ideas and thinking and talking about our own work.

The writer Michael Wynne (click here for films and tv and here for plays) did a number of really useful exercises that i’m going to incorporate into my teaching. I also got a new scene from the exercise so that was particularly good for me.

After hearing my idea it was suggested that I concentrate on carcass and drop Runners and that I consider carcass for radio and stage and not TV.

I am certainly going to concentrate on Carcass and not Runners but not sure whether it would work on stage. I can really hear it for radio but not sure about Stage. It has been conceived all along for screen. It’s also written in such a visual way that the transfer to another medium is diificult for me to imagine at the moment. It seems less of a transition to radio than it does to stage. Need to get my thinking cap on. I have a couple of ideas but as ever the ‘voice’/POV’ is the crucial question for me. Radio has lots of important attributes that would add to the piece, primarily the fact that if forces the user to create their own pictures in a way that other mediums dont do so readily.

Final draft deadline day is Jan 5th 2009 with draft to mentor Debbie Tucker Green by November’s end. Also I was unaware that the intention is that six of the 24 pieces will receive a reading at the Royal Court Theatre in February



August 1, 2008

The seven of us travelling to Memphis for the desire to learn conference came up with a dissemination plan for our reflections on the conference on a bit of tablecloth during a meal one night over there.

One of the many good things to come out of it was the recognition we felt as a team of the many good things we already do as lecturers, practitioners, administrative, technical at NTU. So the transitioning to a new system is all the more easier when we have good ideas and good practices to translate to the new desire to learn system.

We decided we would encourage the NTU team academic, technical, administrative to consider writing papers for presentation at next year’s Fusion conference wherever that may be.

fusion conference

July 22, 2008

lots of interesting speakers so far. george siemens did the keynote on monday day 1. His discussion of fragmented narrative of most interest to me. Then attended useful sessions on integration of Desire2Learn software. Good to be in a place full of instructors with clear ideas of how technology can be usefully integrated into course delivery.

Little tired after the Graceland,/Beale street outing organised for us. Managed to make the 8am session on managing the first year transition which was useful. Put this down to the fact that I only had one of what the waitress insisted was a local drink of a big ass beer with rumplemint chaser. These are their names not mine. it really is a called a big ass beer.


July 20, 2008

Arrived in Memphis yesterday to temperatures of 100 degrees. Just registered and picked up my pack. Looking forward to the conference and to hearing how others, stateside talk about the d2l product. Conference proper starts tomorrow.

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