DSLR Cinema Guide

April 29, 2011

Focal Press publish this guide to shooting with DSLR cameras.



I’ve heard it’s a very good book and have ordered a copy to have a read myself.

It’s written by Kurt Lancaster who I think is an american academic. Check out his site http://www.kurtlancaster.com/dslr-cinema/

Site might give a flavour of the book. I’m tempted to buy DSLR myself but I don’t really shoot enough to justify it. The way I’m thinking it might prompt me to shoot more. Not short films but short, short ‘other stuff’.


Screenwriting Books

September 10, 2010

Recently I was invited (by Focal Press) to review a proposal for a book on screenwriting. The aspiring author  currently works as a Reader in Hollywood and brought this experience to bear in the chapter I read. The style was very direct, engaging and funny. There are loads of scriptwriting how-tos on the market but this one was closer in style to ‘Save The CatBlake Synder‘s book.

For it’s intended target audience the proposal I read worked very well. It was instructional but done in a comedic, no nonsense way that I enjoyed and felt appropriate for writers who need a shot of confidence to put work to the page and then have some sense of how to adapt and rewrite.

review copy

April 23, 2010

One of the benefits of a life in academia is the Review Copy. Publishers are generally happy to send out review copies of books so as to suggest the book as core text for the various courses. One review copy might lead to hundreds of sales. Focal Press (link in my blogroll) are very good. They have an excellent selection of film-making books. Today I received a copy of Producing and Directing The Short Film and Video.

Written by Peter Rea and David K. Irving this fourth edition looks pretty comprehensive.  It’s North American in it’s focus and examples but not distractingly so I found. I’ve only skimmed it so don’t kill me if you find it not so.

It’s title is for the short film but  it applies to feature production as well. I love the Michael Rabiger Directing books and the three or four Ken Dancyger Focal Press published books also and continually recommend them.

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