57 Images Of My Father

October 17, 2010

Despite starting another rewrite of The Five Wives of Fela Kuti I’ve decided to switch my attention to completing another draft of a different project in development, 57 Images of My Father. I was going through old emails and saw one from someone who saw the pitch of I did of this project at Decibel 09 in Manchester. Realised I needed to get on with this and get a draft out and follow up this interest. The Five Wives of Fela Kuti project has taken along time, much longer than envisaged and I need to get more work written so I switched. Watching A Might Heart, ┬áMichael Winterbottom’s film about the Daniel Pearl kidnapping I was struck by the line ‘how can you love someone you’ve never met’ . This is a key idea for my piece.

A video of me pitching the project can be found here.


Five Wives of Fela Kuti

May 25, 2010

A little bit of Five Wives of Fela project development. A couple of organisations who twp sent the script to have expressed an interest. Next stage is to get a meeting set up to talk through some of the options available to us.

57 Images Of My Father

April 12, 2010

Almost ready to start work on 57 Images Of My Father. I have one pass to do on the Five Wives Of Fela Kuti play which I am hoping to complete mid-week and then once, as a bit of a palette cleanser I have made notes on a new comic play idea I have, I can move onto 57 Images. The new idea and 57 Images are kind of related though very differently treated. Also similar in theme to my 2006 play Natural Breaks and Rhythms (playtext available here).

Perhaps by this time next week.

More Images of Fela Kuti’s Wives

February 3, 2010

Urban Images have a number of Images of Fela Kuti wives. Check the images out here and Urban Images home page here

Alot of them I’ve seen before but some still new to me. The colour images work really well for me in terms of representing a time and a place. I also like the detail of rugs and food, etc. Just day to day living. This type of stuff will be fantastic for any eventual production. Can I use the word versimilitude? I think I may just go for it with no spell check.

I am incidentally into the final third of the new draft of Five Wives of Fela Kuti.

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