Fela Kuti film

September 16, 2013

From this Variety story it looks like Steve Mcqueen is no longer doing Fela Kuti movie.

I guess more will be revealed over the coming weeks and months but I think this is the same project as was announced for McQueen maybe 18 months ago. James Schamus, writer/producer who works with ang lee for focus was announced as collaborating with McQueen and is part of the above press release so I figure it’s same project with a new Director.

Fela Comes Home Radio 4

June 4, 2011

Just listened to Fela Kuti Comes Home doco on Radio 4 via the BBC Iplayer. Originally broadcast on Tuesday the 30 minute doco has contrubtions from Family, Manager and Kalakuta attendees.

Not alot of new stuff there for people who know the Fela stories.

You can find it here for a listen yourself.

Looking forward to the Kalakutians a new play coming up soon.

Fela doc on Radio this week

May 28, 2011

Documentary this coming week on Radio4 about the Fela! Musical as it premieres in Nigeria. Read some stuff a few weeks ago about the cast taking the show to The New Shrine in Lagos. The show’s Tuesday 31st BBC Radio 4 1.30 pm.

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unknown soldier

March 15, 2011

listening to this almost on repeat.

coffin for head of state album cover image

coffin for head of state album cover

Unknown Soldier by Fela Kuti from the Coffin For Head of State album.
Wierd mix of a great tune and tough lyrics. I know this mix isn’t new but this track really gets me each time. Dancing to eyes being pulled out, beatings, rape, fire and destruction.
buy the album and listen to the full 30 minute version.

wrasse records site

2010 My creative audit

December 27, 2010

It’s that time of year to look back on the year as I look forward into 2011. Just gone through my posts for the year in an attempt to provoke reflection and analysis of the work I’ve done this year.

Came to the conclusion that I need to do more projects this upcoming year. Need to get back into writing Screenplays having focused on Stageplays for the last three years. I’ve spent alot of 2010 writing two stageplays that have been enjoyable and beneficial but may or may not ever see the light of day. Want to have  more projects on the go so will push on with finishing rewrites on The Remaining Five Wives of Fela Kuti and 57 Images of My Father so as to be in a position to make them into action over the next 12 months or put them to bed. Got two new ideas (another stageplay and a police procedural TV screenplay) that I want to work on as well as my SciFi feature script Carcass that I really need to do a rewrite on.

Also thought about the work I’ve enjoyed this year. The Turner vs The Masters show in January was my personal favourite. Read today that the Arcola Theatre have Rebecca Lenkiewicz’s show about Turner opening in January 2011 so hoping to go and see that.  Also really enjoyed Jerusalem and Fela! My favourite film caught this year was actually one released in 2006 Stranger Than Fiction. Trailer I know this is a cheat but the script was fantastic and I only caught it for the first time this week but really enjoyed it more than any other film I’ve seen this year.

So onwards and upwards into 2011.

Fela ! at National Theatre

October 27, 2010

Article in Guardian about the show here. I’m away when it opens on 6th November but got my tickets looking forward to it.

Check out this Tristam Kenton Image taken form the web article.


Fela ! Rehearsals-for-the-National Theatre

Fela ! Rehearsals-for-the-National Theatre



57 Images Of My Father

October 17, 2010

Despite starting another rewrite of The Five Wives of Fela Kuti I’ve decided to switch my attention to completing another draft of a different project in development, 57 Images of My Father. I was going through old emails and saw one from someone who saw the pitch of I did of this project at Decibel 09 in Manchester. Realised I needed to get on with this and get a draft out and follow up this interest. The Five Wives of Fela Kuti project has taken along time, much longer than envisaged and I need to get more work written so I switched. Watching A Might Heart,  Michael Winterbottom’s film about the Daniel Pearl kidnapping I was struck by the line ‘how can you love someone you’ve never met’ . This is a key idea for my piece.

A video of me pitching the project can be found here.

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