Fela ! at National Theatre

October 27, 2010

Article in Guardian about the show here. I’m away when it opens on 6th November but got my tickets looking forward to it.

Check out this Tristam Kenton Image taken form the web article.


Fela ! Rehearsals-for-the-National Theatre

Fela ! Rehearsals-for-the-National Theatre




Images of Fela Wives via Urban Image Site

August 11, 2010

Check this site out for lots of images of Fela’s Wives, none whom at point as far as I can see get a name!! Urban Image site has about 40 images of Fela so check out the other links, Ghana, Lagos, London etc if interested.

Loads of good images generally on the Urban Image site.

Five Wives of Fela Kuti

May 25, 2010

A little bit of Five Wives of Fela project development. A couple of organisations who twp sent the script to have expressed an interest. Next stage is to get a meeting set up to talk through some of the options available to us.

Fela’s Queens

May 18, 2010

Links to videos here of Fela Queens and of Sandra Izsadore a key collaborator in Fela’ transition to Afrobeat. The first video you may have seen before and will no doubt see again if searching for video of the Queens’ this is because of so little accessible footage of the women. No doubt news archives have tour footage, arrivals, rehearsals etc but I don’t know of any source that one can quickly, easily and cheaply access.

Five Wives Of Fela Kuti

January 12, 2010

Just re-read the script presented by TWP as part of the Momentum:nottingham festival back in oct 2009 at the Nottingham Playhouse. It feels full of problems, some of which I have solutions to, others not yet. Will start at the beginning and rely on the process of writing to get me there. Trying to have clear ideas about each section of the script and see what happens. The aim is to try to make it better not to make it perfect. Mid-February delivery for the next draft.

First thing that’s changed is the title. I am now calling it Fives Wives of Fela Kuti. See how long that lasts!

Fela Kuti searches

December 23, 2009

Just posting this grab image of a few of the recent searches for Fela Kuti that ended up here at this site.


The number of wives will change from search to search with nine being a number that seems to have gotten out there. celtx is the version of opens-source scheduling software that you’ll find a link to on here. I’ve posted on it a number of times so won’t do it again here.

Fela Biopic

December 9, 2009

Guardian newpaper annoucing this Fela biopic. I enjoyed Hunger so this should be good. This could be seen as good for the Fela’s Wives project as it might not clash and might be a good story. I would also think that if the Fela’s Wives project can happen over the next 18 months then it will get in before any likely film and avoid over-exposure of the man/subject.

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