Apocalyto/ Jerusalem- reviews

February 19, 2010

Saw Apocalyto a couple of nights ago.

Good film. The film wasn’t as graphic as I remember it being reviews. Well put together movie. Really enjoyed it. Simple script but well put together. I think the simplicity of the story structure hides alot of effort. It all ‘had’ to (for me) lead to the money shot at the end. So I wasn’t surprised by the end shot has it had to be that shot but for me to write it in this way took alot of skill with clues and threads being scattered, planted earlier in the film.

Jerusalem- Saw this yesterday at the Apollo Theatre. Good play. Nice level of mysticism in the piece. Very strong performances. Never quite sure how a cast of sixteen can be made to pay when one actor has one scene and three others only have two. One is a kid so that makes sense but the others are presumably on full equity minimum. The link is from a report in 2006 so this will no doubt be adjusted for inflation (?) The minimium fee is very small. I like the fact that actors are working and I get the idea that this is a/the way to build experience for the actor but I am always conscious of the cost when I write a play. In film the actor can be employed for a day but not on the stage. I imagine the playwright says this is the play I have written and the Producer bites the bullet and raises the cash or doesn’t.


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