Good meetings

September 8, 2011

Had a couple of really good productive meetings in the last two days. First was with Bianca Winter of TWP and Barret Hodgson of ventmedia. We discussed our likely approach to the development days upcoming on 57 Images Of My Father. Second meeting was a phone meeting with Director Poonam Brah about the short film version of Ending Panel, a monologue for the stage written by me in 2009 and Directed by Poonam. Hoping to make this now, now now.

It seems, on the surface, all things considered, weighing up pros and cons, that the Arts Council ‘done fucked up’ to paraphrase Mr Spike Lee in their decision to stop funding twp. It closes down in July 2012 and as yet the process of how new work is developed in the region is still up in the air, unknown to the practitioners, yet to be scribble on the back of an envelope by those tasked with spending our money on the creative theatre-making process in the region.

We live in hope that one decisions will be well-considered, well-communicated with responsibility taken for that process and that decision.



August 1, 2011

Was reading about In Time the new film by Andrew ‘Gattaca’ Niccol and was struck by the similarities with my sciFi script Carcass. The themes and presentation of Age in the future in particular resonate. Niccoll’s Gattaca has similar themes also. DNA modification is such a sci-fi trope.

Been thinking about Carcass a lot recently and really, really need to do another draft. I’ve lots of good notes from the last reader to work on but been concentrating on stageplays for the last two years so not gone back to it. My recent screenplay (adaptation of a stageplay of mine) for a short film potentially shooting this August, has perhaps gotten me thinking about screenplays again. And this when I have a couple of development days on 57 Images Of My Father due in September too.


Ending Panel screenplay

April 11, 2011

Adapting Ending Panel into a screenplay. Stageplay is a monologue written for Royal & Derngate’s Young Britain series of shorts and it was staged in one of the spaces at the Derngate in 2009 (or was it 2010 I can’t remember). The script is for Poonam Brah to direct. Poonam directed the stageplay and has used the piece since as a workshopping piece at the National Film and Television school. Poonam and I have had a chat about general approach to opening it up and I’m now going to write a draft, do a bit of research, do another draft and then send it out. Trying to see if it’s a goer and then if we can draw any expertise in to get it shot on the cheap as soon as.

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Ending Panel

October 26, 2009

Enjoyed the Momentum: Northampton readings on the 24th. They took place at the Royal and Derngate theatre Northampton. My monologue piece Ending Panel was presented as part of the Young Britain season. The actor got the energy of the piece and did a good job. The piece got lots of positive comments from the locals. The specific Northampton references to places and postcodes in a way that people recognised and identified with, It’s language, particularly seemed to strike a chord. People kept complimenting my on how I ‘captured’ the speech. I kept reminding them it was the edirol R09 record button that did that. As I’ve posted before about 90% of the script is directly from the young peoples words, almost always used in context also.
Some light talks about whether the piece can be expanded from it’s 15 mins to a larger piece. I am confident this can be easily and creatively done to make an interesting piece of work. We’ll see what happens over the next few weeks and months.

Reflections on my writing process

October 16, 2009

Having come to the end of an intensive and extended period of writing four plays (3 stage, 1 screen) I want to do a post about my writing process.
The adage that ‘writing is rewriting’ is an old one but for me it is an extremely important phase. I discover the script through the rewrite. Especially if that rewrite is based on Readers’ notes. I now do more ‘working out more the details of the story’ work than I used to before embarking on any draft but am still reluctant to do more work in this area. The sketching and capturing of ideas while I am writing the script always moved the piece in new directions for me so too much ‘pre-viz’ work becomes frustrating. (Whether this is more frustrating that multiple not so good drafts is a moot, I’m not going to get into that right now’ point.)
I think this way of writing is also a reflection on the competing time demands of my circumstances but looking back I have always enjoyed writing in this way more regardless of circumstances than any of the other ways I have written.
It relies on understanding commissioners though and the usual patience and perserverance of the writer.
Looking forward to a break for a while now. I have a meeting set up on 27th of this month where I hope to move towards another commission so intend to do very little writing between emailing Ending Panel to twp and the 27th.

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