24 Degrees- Carcass

October 15, 2008

Gotten a bit stuck with Runners my idea for 24 Degrees scheme. (Type 24 degrees into search bar for details of the scheme) so moved onto the other idea I think would work well. Carcass the feature. Carcass was developed with the DV shorts scheme in mind. The draft carcass 5.1 is available on here to download. If you stick carcass latest draft into the search bar you should find carcass5.1.pdf.

The 24 Degrees scheme is looking for full length plays or hour long TV pieces so i’m developing carcass along those lines.

Enjoyed writing last night. The challenge for me now is how to maintain atmosphere. Piece is very character, interior and not plot. These are hard films to maintain that interest. Also think that short was a coherent whole so taking it forward from end scene to take Lucy into her future, the future the first 30 minutes set up. I am so afriad of cliche when writing that I have to resist throwing plot aside at the expense of audience interest. I consciously have to think about the emotional drive of a scene/piece and not just write poetry.

What I hope is that writing carcass for a while will give Runners some space and then I can do a flip back and forth think. It worked last night as while I was writing Carcass I had some interesting ideas for runners.

Meeting with Mentor Debbie Tucker Green tomorrow so hoping that will also provoke something for me.

Reminder if you missed Debbie’s play Broadcast Saturday it is available still. go here to listen.


So what I was doing last night was going back over the previous draft and tweaking to reflect the new extended length and the ideas that can be perhaps more fully explored with that length in mind.  Download draft 5.1 and have a read. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


September 19, 2008

Watching films as research for a short film I am developing as a research exercise. It has the working title of ‘Fossil” at the moment. Set during an operation it will try to externalise the thoughts the patient experiences during the procedure. Experiences seems an apt word. The challenge is that the main (possibly only) character in the film is literally passive being unconscious for the majority of the film. Bought ‘The Lives Of Others’ which I really enjoyed when I saw it. Watched the Italian film ‘The Consequences Of Love’ last week. Other films that immediately spring to mind that I’ve seen with passive leads are ‘being there’, ‘safe’, and ‘morvern callar’.
Am hoping to get some funding from EM Media to shoot the project.
The film will act as research for the ‘Carcass’ project I am still hoping to pursue. Despite it’s lack of funding through the DV Shorts scheme I think the project is strong enough to stay alive.
If you have any suggestions for films I should watch or work I should read, see in general then add a comment. Particularly interested in looking at photography.

idea development

September 12, 2008

In my usual, make everything into a glass half-full, positive way I have been using a short stay in hospital to develop an idea I am working on. After the DV Shorts scheme I am looking to make a short skills/career development piece that thematically has resonances with Carcass the piece developed with the DV Shorts/ EM Media in mind.
The stay has gotten me thinking of specific tonal ideas, visual and aurual. It’s also given me some bits and pieces of dialogue to work with and a visual idea for a specific emotional tone, for the opening of the piece and it’s underpinning also. All in all a good positive experience.


June 12, 2008

Working on a new project. The feedback I had after the non-DV shorts commission has led me to this project. It is a research & development piece and a showreel/portfolio piece. It uses elements that would be suitable to support any future development of Carcass

read synopsis. fossilsynopsis1

Researching visual ideas, working out story points, doing practical (where do I get X from?) research. Looking to get an application in to EM Media in the next month.

DV Shorts aftermath

March 10, 2008

So after slow re-inflation over the weekend I have a couple of new ideas that I can work on. Ideas which I think hit the EM Media boxes and mine simultaneously.

The feedback was, after reflection, good but not something I was interested in hearing at the time. I now see it as potential financial and emotional support to make some work, which is what I am interested in, in the end.

I like thinking up ideas, writing, and working in a room with actor’s and it looks like, if the feedback is taken on face value, that EM will support me to do this and to create interesting, ambitious work in the Nottingham and the East Midlands so what’s to complain about? nada hombre, nada. Hasta lluego…..

CARCASS decision

March 7, 2008

So the decision is no. No commission. No Carcass. No attempt to pull off an audacious, ambitious sci-fi. I’ve enjoyed the process and getting back into film after plays for the last three years and learnt alot and worked hard. Thanks to all contributors for their help and Dave Allen in particular for all his support.       

carcass latest submission

February 28, 2008

Submitted the package today so now its wait and see. EM Media are having a drinks session for all the DV Shorts participants on friday 7th which is decision day so win, lose or draw there will be some consumption of Guinness on my part. Invited dave allen along who has been instrumental in this project so as they didn’t say in seventies football, win lose or draw have no fear we’re on the beer. Thanks to all who helped me get together the package, from the documentation to the DVD test footage. Dave Allen, Jackie Pickup, Rob Speranza, Andy Love and Tim Smith in particular.It’s been a hard slog trying to balance all this with other commitments, so hard that today is the first newspaper I’ve bought since saturday!!!  and i’ve no idea what happened in the oscars (i assume they happened did they)Really enjoyed interpreting a project from a Directing point of view after writing solely for the last three years. (natural breaks and rhythms still available to buy from here )I got to try out some new software and finally try out software i’ve had for a while so lots of positives commission or no commission.  Attended a script factory event in birmingham last week where it was good to meet the other DV Shorts participants. Some really interesting sounding projects. The Film Council do compilation DVD of the films they consider ‘best of’ so looking forward to seeing that in a year’s time to see what agenda is being sold, told, displayed there.  ok. see ya 

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