August 24, 2011

I hope you caught Random on Channel 4 recently. If not you can find it here through 4od catchup service. This was an adaptation by Debbie Tucker Green of her original stageplay put on at the Royal Court Downstairs in 2008. The play is a one-woman show and what was so powerful about the TV adaptation written and Directed By Debbie Tucker Green is how she went about using the televisual form. ‘Opening up’ of plays is a common expression that ordinarily means taking the one-stage location idea and taking the piece to locations alluded to in the stage production but not necessarily visualised on stage. This approach was very different. The ‘one-woman playing many different characters ‘ approach of the stageplay was handled extremely well. It remained theatrical but was definitely a film. Many theatre practitioners I feel don’t manage this transition particularly well. A previous post of mine places Dany Boyle as the theatre to film director who, in my opinion has consistently, best handled this transition.

Random poster Image

Try and see it if you can. Nadine Marshall is fantastic.



Danny Boyle- Best Theatre to Film transition?

July 1, 2011

I’ve taken it to mind recently that Danny Boyle is the Theatre Director who has made the best transition to Film Director over the last fifty years of British theatre/cinema history. There are lots of Directors who have worked in both Theatre and Film and continue to work in both but Boyle is now predominantly a film director unlike Mendes, Olivier for example. I don’t think Frankenstein heralds a return to the Theatre. I believe he has made the best transition because he understands that cinema is about energy and movement and that the camera is the primary storyteller.  Look at his films. I make this statement not from an exhaustive analysis of his film work but from instinct. Lots of Directors who make this transition think that moving the camera about is film and whilst Boyle often throws his camera all over the shop he uses that movement to storytell. I was thinking of international directors who might compare and I came up with Kurosawa and Welles.

Any thoughts?

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