NT Live thoughts

January 14, 2011

Went to see National Theatre’s NTLive broadcast of Fela! At the Broadway Cinema yesterday. First time ever attending one of these live broadcasts of shows or sporting event at cinema and had no idea what to expect. I’d already seen the show in December and the experience stands up. It was Directed so that helped enormously in creating an experience.
Fela! is a show that works well due to the fantastic music, good dancing and strong central performance.
The script for the show is servicable at best and I was pleased that in an interval interview with the Director Bill T Jones he stressed that this shouldn’t be the only Fela Kuti related show. I emailed my script for The Remaining Five Wives of Fela Kuti to a couple of interested parties earlier this week.
You never know right. 7 years of development for Fela! apparently.

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Monsters at Mayhem

October 30, 2010

Seeing Monsters today at the Mayhem Horror Festival.



Film is followed by a q&A session with Director Gareth Edwards.


Gareth Edwards

Dir: Gareth Edwards Image

Edwards is also delivering a Masterclass in the evening. Not sure what the crack is here but I imagine he’ll deconstruct a number of scenes from the film.


Mayhem Horror Film Festival

October 11, 2010

Nottingham’s annual Mayhem Horror Film Festival opens at the end of the month. The festival was conceived and is run and programmed by filmmakers Chris Cooke, Steven Sheil and animator Gareth Howell. This year it hosts Monsters Director Gareth Edwards. Edwards himself is hosting a BAFTA masterclass as well an a q&a after the showing of his debut feature film as Director. The film was made on a very low budget.  See here for a featurette on the slashfilm site for how the look was achieved on such a low budget.

See here for full festival programme.

Nottingham Media Academy Hollywood Scriptwriting session

November 10, 2009

Attended a session put on at Broadway Cinema as a member of the Nottingham Media Academy. It was billed as Hollywood Screenwriting-Jumping the First Hurdle and was delivered by scriptreader James Barlett. Barlett has lived in America for the last five years. He delivered his 13 top tips to avoid. He said he was motivated to write this after the scripts he received from the UK compared badly to the American scripts. Not in content, character or story but in the little details that acculate to a ‘no’. Barlett echoed what has been written and spoken about elsewhere in that these executives jobs are to say no. Saying no is less risky than saying yes and committing, thousands, hundreds of thousands and/or millions to a project that doesn’t work and so exposing them as the one who said yes. Only yesterday I was reading the same idea allegedly as spoken by a Channel Four executive.

I’m not going to outline all the tips here as the session had a charge associated with it so presumably James got paid to deliver it but the tips went from 1- spelling, punctuation etc to 12- Transitions to Nudges, jokes, prompts to the reader.

Barlett reads 500 scripts a year probably equivalent to all the scripts sent to the regional screen agencies in the uk so this process means that anything that takes him out of the story is a negative mark, not necessarily a dealbreaker but they accumulate negatively against the script.

mum and dad thoughts

November 3, 2008

Attended Mayhem Horror Film Festival at the broadway cinema over the weekend. Went to see Steven Sheil’s debut feature film Mum and Dad. It was made under the Microwaves scheme for only £100,000.

EM Media put some money into it as well .

Looks fantastic (shot on HD), really strong performances throughout. I am not particularly a horror film fan so was a little apprehensive, especially as it kept being described as ‘brutal’ to me by people who’d seen it at the Edinburgh film festival.

It is in it’s ideas that the brutality is apparent rather than the physical/technical execution. Go and see it when released on Boxing Day. There are a number of reviews of the film out and about already so track one down.

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