The Rain Before It Falls

December 10, 2012

Reading Before The Rain Falls by Jonathan Coe. I’ve heard good things about Carve Up but I’d not read any of his work before reading Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim a few weeks ago. Before Rain was bought for me because of the similarities with my stageplay 57 Images of My Father in that it is built around 20 photos that one of the characters appears to be going to describe. Only 40 pages in but Intriguing so far.


reading material

June 6, 2012

Talk about contrasting reading material at the moment!
One in preparation for Paper I’m delivering at a conference in Chicago early July, the other due to me being a biography nut. Don’t read a lot of fiction. Might have to cleanse with either Tolstoy or MLK biog I’ve got my eyes on. Ordered HalfMan, HalfBike the Merckx biog from the local library also. Hope it gets here soon.

Pause… Rest… Relax

January 31, 2012

I found myself with some free time tonight and the very concept struck me as odd. I must have something I NEED to do? While there are things I can be doing I am implementing the Eisenhower Matrix time management principle. This is some variation of the time management system that Jack Welch of GE is reputed to have used, that being when an issues arises do one of the following:





Being a fan of Alliteration this system is something that I implemented a few years ago and have found very useful.

The Eisenhower Matrix I found described in this book:

The Decision Book Image

The Decision Book Cover Image

I bought this book as research for a script I recently delivered and have now found it useful for a new role I have recently taken on. Having decided the most important thing to do tonight was the creative pause I hope to go into a fresh day beaming and enhanced.

Juggling Books

November 7, 2011

I’ve found myself reading four books at the moment.

Four Books

Not quite sure how it’s happened but although I know it’s something that alot of people do, it’s not something that I ordinarily do. One at a time normally, two at the most.

The Pele one is the worse so far. Not a great writing job. Struggling to continue with it. It it wasn’t Pele I would have stopped already.  Haven’t read Ellison’s version of the Invisible Man for ages and reading for a new idea of a series of short vignette’s with actor Vinta Morgan. The other two were good cheap buys that struck my interest.

Going to buy and read the new Malcom X biography when the paperback verson is released in March.

Walt Disney Bio

August 5, 2011

Reading Neil Gabler’s Walt Disney Bio that I saw in the locl library.

Disney Bio Book Cover

Disney Bio Book Cover

I’m not particularly a Disney fan but I am a Gabler fan after reading An Empire of Their Own his book on how Jewish immigrants to America created the Movie Business.

empire of their own cover image

empire of their own cover image

That’s one of the great things about libraries isnt it, reading books that you wouldnt necessarily spend money on buying.

In Black and White: the untold story of Joe Louis and Jesse Owens, by Donald McRae

June 10, 2011

Reading this book at the moment


Joe Louis and Jesse Owens

I think it’s the same Donald McRae who writes for the Guardian newspaper. What’s amazing to me is this is a world described that’s not that long ago. The idea of having to live in those times is frightening and the sense of all the potential careers, sporting or otherwise that have and are curtailed through prejudice. Check it out if you can. My copy is from my local library.

eReader ease

May 9, 2011

Amazon’s Kindle wifi download as such an advantage over the Sony eReader. Sony’s you have to download application, which is a xxxx to find from the adobe site I found, then install (choosing which machine to put it on as this is a crucial decision and software only allows one installation on ‘main’ machine) then when buying a book log in to site download book to your ‘main’ machine where you then transfer file to your device.

Sony eReader

Sony eReader

Amazon’s Kindle as I understand it you have to make sure you have a good wifi connection and then go through the menu system. Sounds like a whole lot easier!

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

I’ve mainly got books from project so only bought two books. The third one i’ve found very  problematic. Download failed twice with money having to be refunder back to my card, which in itself is a hassle because of course you can’t phone anybody you have to email. I’ve now abandoned trying to buy the book. I went eReader so as to limit the physical copies of books I have and also as I can read pdf versions of my scripts as i’m working on them and save the printing out of the script. I was told that after 40 books the Kindle becomes carbon neutral, not sure what the equivalent number is on the eReader.

I understand the difference between hardware manufacturers like Sony and ‘virtual’ manufacturers like Amazon but one despairs sometimes at the nature of tech development sometimes. Oh for open standards.

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