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July 21, 2009

In rehearsal tomorrow for the reading of Boat Gypsies Thursday at Lakeside Theatre. Five projects have been developed as part of writers lab09. The writers are “The Cliffs” by Leah Chillery, “The Honey Man” by Tyrone Huggins, “Palm Wine and Stout” by Segun Lee French, “Today’s Lesssons” by Richard Rai O’Neill and “Boat Gypsies” by myself.

Two of the five are in rehearsal today, the rest tomorrow and thursday am. Then run through thursday morning and then showcase to rural touring producers artistic directors and the like 2pm thursday afternoon.

I’ll have to do some rewriting no doubt which is to be expected as this wil be the first time the script is on its feet and not simply on a page so looking forward to that. Ivan Cutting is directing my piece.

Looking forward to seeing the other pieces. The three that i’ve heard discussed during the development over the course of the year all sounded really interesting and the writers had a sense of where they would go so looking forward to that.


Boat Gypsies- ActOneDraft1

May 19, 2009

Uploading draft One of Act One for your perusal if interested.

This will be changing quite alot based on the interim Writers’ Lab 09 session that took place last week at New Perspectives.I will hopefully post the final draft, contractual agreements allowing so an opportunity for direct comparison may be available.

A few notes on the way I write that may inform you when you read this draft

1- I tend to write first and then research later so there are a number of technical details that I have no idea about present in this draft, some of which are:

A) how a barge might sink or more importantly protect itself from sinking after a collision I know nothing about yet

B) The use of periodic tables is incorrect and in the latest draft I have amended that

2- I tend to write on average three pages a night. I always start by re-reading and editing the last few pages. This leads to draft that are quite tight but I still change radically and have yet to be so wedded to a line that I am not up for changing it. This is despite each line probably being re-considered and re-written many, many times over the gestation of the writing of the script.  This style of wriitng also means that I get quite random about what is a draft and what is a revision of a draft. If it changes quite radically then I call it a new draft, otherwise I call it revisions for a while until revision number three of four make me call it a new draft as these incremental revisions had actually led to quite substantial change.

You can read the Boat Gypsies_interim by clicking on the link. You may then need to click on the ‘Boat Gypsies Interim’ link again just above the comments box. It is a pdf file. You should then be able to download and save it.

Feel free to comment if you wish. I’m currently working on the second half and also doing some research now.

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