Boat Gypsies- rural touring project

May 5, 2009

Really enjoying this project. I intended to have a draft done by this interim point but am not going to make that self-imposed deadline due to drift and illness. Decided a few days ago to try and get a really tight first half.
I always imagined an interval and wrote a treatment with that in mind but am now considering whether this is necessary. The two plays I saw last week were very different and have given me a number of contrasting useful thoughts.
Enjoying the draft and as usual not sticking to my treatment. I use them as sketches and am continually developing and incorporating new ideas and extending ones that are in the treatment already. I use treatments as jumping off points, guides and conversation/discussion points. This sometimes causes problems. Process will out. Check out the Double Diamond design process for an idea of one of my methods.


rural touring project- interim deadline

April 24, 2009

Interim stage meeting to discuss Boat Gypsies project on 18th May. So imagine i’ll have to get draft done by the end of the first week in May. Giving twp a few days to circulate.

Might just make it. I dont HAVE to get one done, this is simply a ‘where are you at, lets have a look at the pages and then discuss it’ meeting  but I like to get a draft out so I can get a sense of what I am doing and then move on from there.  It is also really important for me to get this feedback so I can see how many of the ideas I am exploring are hitting home for the reader, to hear new suggestions and to buy myself some thinking not writing time before embarking on the next draft.

This draft is surprising me even though I’ve written a treatment but think I will struggle at the moment to sustain the story as the driver I have is a little weak and unsustainable.

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