Boat Gypsies Reading- Thoughts

October 28, 2009

Boat Gypsies was presented last night at the Momentum:Nottingham Festival organised by Theatre Writing Partnership.

I didn’t feel it went as well as the showing in July but this is why I like theatre. The five shows were presented and I felt the shows after the interval, including Boat Gypsies didn’t play as well as before. My cast were the same, Ivan Cuttings Directed once again, traverse again but I felt the energy after the interval resulted in a slightly different show. Their were small changes to the script but everything was pretty much the same. So the audience, the audience, the audience.

What really did work was the traverse. Traverse in the Nottingham playhouse was a new experience for me. The space was very tight but this worked really well as they no longer needed to ‘act’ the limited space. Their proximity was also very good.


radio interview

September 22, 2009

Link to my recent radio interview is here or here.

It is via the BBC iPlayer so only up until Saturday 26th. My interview is at 2hr 19m 44s. Enjoy

decibel09 Pitch

September 9, 2009

The pitching sessions for decibel09 have sold out so assuming the booked individuals still have the energy to attend after two days of seeing shows and late-night drinking it should be a good turn out.

My rural touring project, Boat Gypsies will also be represented at the Rural Touring Forum AGM through the Writers’ lab09 Theatre Writing Partnership but as this clashes with my pitch I won’t be able to attend. It won’t be presented on this occassion but two of the five projects will. The Writers’ Lab09 participants are Richard Rai O’Neill (Today’s Lessons), Segun Lee French (Palm Wine and Stout), Leah Chillery (The Cliffs) and Tyrone Huggins (The HoneyMan) and myself.

The extract showing (Thursday 17th September) will be followed by a q&a about the development process. Extracts from All five plays will be presented at the Nottingham Playhouse on Monday 26th October.

Five Queens of Fela Kuti

August 16, 2009

Just received the Nottm Playhouse brochure. As part of theatre writing partnership’s Momentum festival Black Folks strand I’ve got two extracts playing on both the 26th and 27th october, Boat Gypsies and Fela’s Five Queens (or the Wives (many) of Fela Anikulapo Kuti whichever title I can fix on). Boat Gypsies is done but feeling the pressure with Five Queens. I completed a draft a year ago but now doing a page one rewrite and only on page 30 at moment. Got about 20 days to complete a draft. Don’t really have to complete for the showing but I’d like to. The extract is likely to be the 20 mins or so and probably the opening 20 mins but completing will give us more options. Think I know where I’m going now as regards plot details just need to get it done.

Fela’s Queens rewrite

July 30, 2009

Final Draft 8 arrived, installed and registered. Have to deliver draft 2 of Fela’s queens (formerley known as The Wives (many) of Fela Anikulapo Kuti) on 28th of August. Re-read it last night for the second time since the first draft was delivered on 1st August 2008.
A lot of good things but some drastic changes required. Need to make the five wives more distinct, to drive the plot much better. I’ve had a week off since finishing Boat Gypsies so looking forward to writing again.
(p.s I’ve got 7 but wanted 8.)

Boat Gypsies-Research trip

June 4, 2009

Had a really useful trip on a canal boat today. Many thanks to danny kaye my pilot and boat owner. I was mainly trying to sort out how to make the boat sink but have now confirmed my decision to just have a leak. This is much more plausible and realistic.

Riding on the boat was great, I have seen plan views but the actual experience of travelling in one and also speaking to someone knowledgeable coupled with the sights and sounds left me feeling this was a really useful trip.

Boat Gypsies- ActOneDraft1

May 19, 2009

Uploading draft One of Act One for your perusal if interested.

This will be changing quite alot based on the interim Writers’ Lab 09 session that took place last week at New Perspectives.I will hopefully post the final draft, contractual agreements allowing so an opportunity for direct comparison may be available.

A few notes on the way I write that may inform you when you read this draft

1- I tend to write first and then research later so there are a number of technical details that I have no idea about present in this draft, some of which are:

A) how a barge might sink or more importantly protect itself from sinking after a collision I know nothing about yet

B) The use of periodic tables is incorrect and in the latest draft I have amended that

2- I tend to write on average three pages a night. I always start by re-reading and editing the last few pages. This leads to draft that are quite tight but I still change radically and have yet to be so wedded to a line that I am not up for changing it. This is despite each line probably being re-considered and re-written many, many times over the gestation of the writing of the script.  This style of wriitng also means that I get quite random about what is a draft and what is a revision of a draft. If it changes quite radically then I call it a new draft, otherwise I call it revisions for a while until revision number three of four make me call it a new draft as these incremental revisions had actually led to quite substantial change.

You can read the Boat Gypsies_interim by clicking on the link. You may then need to click on the ‘Boat Gypsies Interim’ link again just above the comments box. It is a pdf file. You should then be able to download and save it.

Feel free to comment if you wish. I’m currently working on the second half and also doing some research now.

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