Mark Cousins article

February 19, 2015

Mark Cousins has written a provocative article in Sight & Sound magazine about film schools.

dispatches mark cousins film school programme


50 weeks, new project/focus every week.
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Lots of good ideas

Kubrick Archive Visit

February 19, 2009

On my way back from a visit to the Kubrick Archives. The archive is kept at University of the Arts, London College of Communications site (formerly London College of Printing) Elephant & Castle, London.
It’s an absolutely fantastic place. We were toured around by an archivist and an assistant archivist. Pre-booking is the norm and when booking I had asked for some examples of pre-production work and editing admin to be pulled out from the archive to be selected.
The sheer amount of material is amazing, we saw pre-production research, scripts, visualisations, production props (masks from Eyes Wide Shut, costumes from Barry Lyndon and The Shining (including Jack Nicholson’s pants), newspaper props from A Clockwork Orange and fantastically the book prop Nicholson’s character is “writing” in The Shining-“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”
Also saw post-production edit scripts, various release/marketing material and a whole lot more.
The tour is supposed to be an hour long but they kindly allowed us to be there for nearly two hours. They took us to the stock room where access isn’t normally allowed where we saw the racks and racks of material and shot material from Dr Strangelove and 2001: A Space Oddessy.
Amazing to think this resource is open to the public. If you are into film, or fashion, photography, writing, production design, editing, anything film then you really ought to try and get along. We, 3 students and myself were accompanied by two people from Aberdeen who had come down to london to visit the archive.
Although Kubrick retained all of this material it wasn’t collected with archiving in mind so it’s a fantastic demonstration of his working process and the process of his collaborators throughout his career.
Excellent. Really, really enjoyed it. And I’m not even a fanboy but this was history in my hnads man.

Kubrick Archive visit

January 19, 2009

Visit to the Kubrick Archive has been booked for 19th Feb. Going with 8 students who will be a week away from shooting their short films. I have asked the archive to concentrate on pulling pre-production visualisation material together as the students will be a week away from shooting. Think the reminder of the attention to detail might be a useful reminder.

There is also a season of Kubrick related films on at the BFI from Feb so hoping to pop into the gallery there to see some material the archive have lent for the exhibition. The Archive personnel reminded me about the current Stanley Kubrick Season

The Kubrick Season is to accompany a work by Jane and Louise Wilson who have been in the archive researching Aryan Papers, a film Kubrick never completed. Their installation uses copies of research material for the film from the archive and a contemporary interview with the Dutch woman who had been selected to play one of the main characters. This will be in the BFIs gallery throughout February.

The BFI are also doing an extended run of Barry Lyndon from January to March and to accompany that there will be an exhibition of material from the archive at the BFI.

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