Creating Characters Symposium Paper done

May 8, 2014

Paper done and delivered, trains, flights hotel booked. Super busily trying to get stuff sorted before I go. Working on presentation. Thinking of doing it in Motion to play with that tool.

Motion Logo

Motion Logo

Never used it, some experience of AE but wanting to deliver some teaching in Motion anyways so it’ll be a good opportunity. Aiming to get something done over the next week. Already done a Keynote pres that i’ll be converting to ppt so if the Motion I create is shit/doesn’t happen then I’ll already have one done. Thinking of taking my computer which I don’t normally do. Not seen the presentation schedule yet but if i’m later on not earlier on, then I’ll almost certainly take it so I can work on the presentation in the evenings, around the conference dinners, sightseeing etc or just to have it and play from my machine. I’ve a Henry Miller quote that I want to record as audio to play in also alongside mostly text and taking my machine will ensure that it all works. In Avanca last year for the avanca cinema film festival/conference (check it out and go if possible.) I spent ages making sure my videos were going to play properly only to have a machine that didnt deal with video codecs so the edited intro video that i’d worked on didn’t work as I only had the opp to test it literally a few seconds before the presentation. I had to improvise.

Reminder of conference here


Avanca Cinema Conference Program published

July 21, 2013

Off to Avanca Cinema Conference Tuesday, in Avanca, Portugal. The conference Program has finally been published.Link is here.

As I say I’m speaking on Saturday with that day’s program linked to here.

Program in general looks good. Portugese, Spanish, and English are the official languages of the conference so opportunities to practise my Spanish. The conference also has a film festival attached with screenings every night until 1am. Should be good. Check out the theme of my paper. With comic con just finished lots of additional things to discuss.

international Conference Cinema: Technology, Art, Communication 2013

May 10, 2013

Paper done. Marvelisation: The Rise of Complex Narratology on the Hollywood Screen.
Fees paid and sorted so Avanca, Aveiro, Portgual in July here I come.

Really looking forward to going now. Site

This image below give some sense of what i’ll be talking about

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Present should afford lots of really good visual material.

Marvel- Avanca Cinema Conference

March 1, 2013

Reading this book at the moment as prep for my Avanca paper, if selected for the conference.

History of Marvel Book

2012 Book about Marvel by Sean Howe

There are no pictures!!! I know, I know. I guess the rights were too difficult to sort. Any one you who has a little knowledge of comics and comic book adaptations will know the rights are all over the shop. I guess author Sean Howe couldn’t resolve it enough to include some images.

Athens Conference

April 19, 2010

As I can no longer go to the Avanca Cinema conference I am trying to get into the Athens 1st Annual International Conference on Fine and Performing Arts.

One of the benefits of working in Academia is the international conference circuit. Conference attendance and research paper presentations are an important part of an academics life. I have attended and/or presented at conferences in Memphis, Brisbane, Bristol, Coventry and Nottingham and virtually in London.

I actually have a little longer to try and get this abstract written but would have very little time to complete the paper should the abstract be accepted into the conference.

I want to do write something on the screenplay as research document.

see conference website here. The papers already submitted look like a good mixture.

Avanca Cinema 2010 Conference

April 14, 2010

Trying to write a paper for this conference on Cinema for the end of this month. Conference is in Avanca, Portugal in July. Paper is supposed to be about the screenplay as perfect imperfect palimpsest document. I haven’t made much headway at the moment. Only have to submit the Abstract so not alot of words. I have sketched out a rough plan but still haven’t managed to find time to flesh it out. Aim to do it this week.

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